Three potential reasons fueling Eagles’ salary cap climb


The big one…

Carson Wentz is entering his contract year. It’s a scary prospect, but maybe that’s because both of his last two season’s have been cut short due to injury. That, mixed with his electrifying play, almost give his career a shot of adrenaline that makes it hard to remember just how amazing he is at times.

The Eagles are in an interesting spot. They can either choose to ride out the current rookie deal, pick up his fifth-year option (which would cost around $25M) and then experiment with the franchise tag if no deal can be agreed…

…or they can cut their nose to spite their face, pay Wentz the big bucks now and hope that it’s a gamble that will pay off. There are pros and cons to both sides of the coin, but it ultimately comes down to one thing…durability.

Wentz now has a full offseason ahead where he will be working with his teammates, his Head Coach, and most importantly of all, an offensive coordinator who spent the entirety of last offseason and the opening two regular season games, planning with Nick Foles as the team’s quarterback. The timing, chemistry and concepts that were almost embedded in the team for a year will now reset with Wentz back to his best.

If we’re to take that dazzling sophomore season as an example, we could be preparing for a Carson Wentz breakout like no other. A statement season from a man who has had two playoff runs and a Super Bowl ring ripped from under his feet. The chip on his shoulder will be enormous and if the Eagles don’t pay him now, they could end up having to pay so much more if this comes to fruition.

Another thing to factor here is Dak Prescott is in the same boat. Howie Roseman has consistently shown an interest in penciling contracts before the market needles move, forcing him to pay extra. If the Cowboys give Dak a big-time contract first, it’s only going to increase the price to pay for Carson Wentz.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Roseman preparing for this eventuality now, moving numbers around in order to guarantee Wentz money. After all, it would take a LOT to get Jason Peters to give up some money…and seeing that Zach Ertz as restructured a deal of his own, maybe his teammates want to help add that long-term security right now.

Don’t be surprised if it’s Carson Wentz who signs the next blockbuster quarterback contract.

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