Flyers Draft Profiles: A Left Wing Threat Samuel Poulin Has Hands Of Gold


It’s never too early to start talking about the NHL Draft, and this particular draft is a critical one for the orange and black. Hopefully, newly crowned General Manager Chuck Fletcher provides some answers with more defensive depth, and wing depth to restock the prospect cupboard.

In year’s past, the Flyers relied heavily on Head Scout Chris Pryor and the drafting guru in Ron Hextall for overall success during the draft. Gone are those days, as this year the Flyers have a new General Manager in charge of the draft in Fletcher. With that being said, there’s a winger that might catch the eye of Fletcher in the first round, and that is no other than a play making machine in Samuel Poulin.

When Poulin was younger he didn’t care about making the NHL. Poulin just wanted to have fun like any kid. As Poulin got older a light went off in his head, and it turns out he was a pretty damn good hockey player. Poulin wanted to play for the Montreal Canadiens at one point when he was younger, but as Poulin matured into the player he is today, he now has a new thought process, “When I started playing hockey I just wanted to have fun. As I got older I started realizing what hockey would maybe bring, then the NHL was a thought. I watched the Canadiens they were my favorite team. I watched them and wanted to play for them, and now I really don’t care who drafts me. I just wanted to be drafted into the NHL. My family is really happy, and excited for me. “

Poulin was born on February, 25, 2001, in Laval, QC, CAN (AKA the motherland of hockey). This native of Canada found a passion, and a love for the sport of hockey mainly from his dad. His dad played in the NHL for 10 years, and he is no other than Patrick Poulin. Patrick Poulin also coached his son Samuel for a few years in Minor hockey, and that’s where a star was born. Samuel is a 6’1″, 207 pound juggernaut, that is very gifted Offensively. Moreover, Poulin’s board battling skills could definitely be of some benefit for the Flyers in the future. That’s one area that needs to improve with the orange an black, and Poulin would be willing to help that’s for sure, “I’m a pretty good two-way player, and a complete player too. I can score goals, play physical, and play Defensively if the coaches ask me too. I’m a pretty good playmaker too.

The young prospect in Poulin continues, “My dad helped me a lot. He was my coach in minor hockey for two years. He played in the NHL for 10 years, and he knew the game well. He was teaching us a lot for sure.”

This 18-year old, young prospect knew the importance of just having fun, and letting the game come to him. Moreover, Poulin worked very hard in the offseason, and was able to improve his game tremendously for the 2018-19 season. While playing for the Sherbrooke Phoenix in the QMJHL for the 2018-19 season, he registered 29 goals, and 47 assists for a total of 76 points in 67 games played. Poulin showed determination and grit to improve his game, and that’s exactly what transpired.

His brother shares quite a unique story, as well. Nicolas Poulin played for Sherbrooke Phoenix for four years and is now currently playing for McGill University. Hockey runs proud in this family, and Samuel Poulin works his butt off to make sure his dream eventually comes true.

“I work out off the ice 4 or 5 times a week, then I try to work on my skills with hands and skating. I think it’s a perfect time of year to work on those skills in the off-season. While playing with the team it’s harder to work on those stuff because of team building. In the Summer I love working with my hands and skating.”

This young prospect from Laval has transformed the Phoenix offense into a legit threat in just his second season for them. Poulin has hands of Gold, and it really showed this past season. His effort, and dedication for the sport of hockey have led him to the cusp of being drafted into the NHL, and Poulin can thank his idol for that,Sidney Crosby is a really hard-worker. I know it’s a pretty common answer for an idol, but he does everything right. He eats right too. He’s amongst the best leaders, best hockey player. I want to do the things he’s doing, and it would help me with my goals, as well.”

Hopefully, Poulin continues to mold himself into a fine hockey hockey player. He has a blistering shot, and Poulin can hit the net with ease. The Flyers need a proven goal scorer, and one that is not afraid to shoot the puck. Poulin is that player, and he can pay huge dividends for the Flyers in the future. As Poulin completes the interview, he wanted to say one last thing to Flyers fans:

By drafting me they’re not only going to get a good player but a hard-worker too. Someone that works their ass off on the ice, and in the gym. I give my best all the time, whether I’m playing sports with my friends. The team that drafts me, I’m going to do anything to make that team better to win a Stanley Cup.”

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