Mix N’ Match: Taking a Look at Potential Phillies Lineups in 2019


Following an unprecedented offseason where they added three all-star batters, including the face of MLB Bryce Harper, the Phillies now boast one of the most lethal lineups in the league. The lineup is so loaded, in fact, that it’s actually tough to figure out how to construct it. There are a legit six to seven batters in the lineup worthy of being the one of the first five to bat in the order. This depth, of course, is a ‘good problem to have’ as Eagles GM Howie Roseman would say.

Fortunately, the Phillies currently employ one of the most forward-thinking managers in the game in Gabe Kapler, and I’m sure he’s already been formulating various dominant lineups like a mad scientist as he looks to set the league on fire. Obviously, Kapler will alternate the lineup order based on matchups as he has in the past, but with a plethora of weapons now at his disposal, he could get ​really c​ reative with how he decides to unleash chaos on the opposition. Here are a few mock lineups that could debut this season:

Standard Edition

  1. Andrew McCutchen (7)
  2. Jean Segura (6)
  3. Bryce Harper (9)
  4. Rhys Hoskins (3)
  5. J.T Realmuto (2)
  6. Odubel Herrera (8)
  7. Maikel Franco (5)
  8. Pitcher (1)
  9. Caesar Hernandez (4)

For the most part, I’d expect the lineup to reflect something like this. I think Kap will like the idea of having a veteran leadoff hitter to feel the pitcher out a bit and set the tone for the offense- especially a veteran just four years removed from capturing the NL MVP. The 32-year old McCutchen, to his credit, was a very solid leadoff hitter last year when given the opportunity, batting .259 with 10 dingers.

Additionally, the Phillies would essentially begin the game with two leadoff hitters, as Segura has been one of the toughest outs in the game over the past several seasons and should get on base at an incredibly high clip out of the two hole.

Penciling Harper third in the order may be a bit controversial, as he has quickly become the favorite to bat cleanup, but I think he’s better served batting third.

Backing him up with Hoskins and Realmuto would be more beneficial than sandwiching him between the two. If opposing pitchers are facing Harper with Hoskins on deck and Realmuto in-the-hole, I think they’ll much more inclined to challenge him and try to record the out, as opposed to simply walking him and aiming for a double-play ball from Hoskins or Realmuto. This, in turn, would increase the Harper’s opportunity to do damage at the plate, as opposed to repeatedly having the bat taken out of his hand in favor of a lesser threat.

There isn’t too much razzle-dazzle in this lineup as far as creativity is concerned, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. With the lineup leading the way, the Phils should have little trouble snapping their postseason drought this year.

Knock Squad

  1. Andrew McCutchen (7)
  2. Cesar Hernandez (4)
  3. Jean Segura (6)
  4. J.T Realmuto (2)
  5. Bryce Harper (9)
  6. Rhys Hoskins (3)
  7. Odubel Herrera (8)
  8. Maikel Franco (5)
  9. Pitcher (1)

The ‘Knock Squad’ lineup loads the front of the lineup with high OBP batters and looks to get a lot of guys on base early. Facing McCutchen, Hernandez, Segura, and Realmuto to start a ballgame is no small order for a pitcher and will likely cost them a hefty amount of pitchers to get through, even if they manage to escape without allowing any runs. This would allow Harper, Hoskins, and Odubel to tee off on flustered, fatigued opposing pitchers- the perfect recipe for high offensive output.

Welcome to The Show

  1. Bryce Harper (9)
  2. J.T Realmuto (2)
  3. Jean Segura (6)
  4. Rhys Hoskins (3)
  5. Odubel Herrera (8)
  6. Andrew McCutchen (7)
  7. Caesar Hernandez (4)
  8. Maikel Franco (5)
  9. Pitcher (1)

Lord have mercy on whatever poor soul is tasked with facing this lineup. Solely focused on putting as much pressure on and completely rattling the nerves of the opposing pitcher, this order features superstar slugger Bryce Harper leading things off for the Phils. Facing perhaps the most dangerous batter in the league at his peak to kick off a ballgame is tough enough, but backing him up with Realmuto, Segura, and Hoskins just seems unfair. If an opposing pitcher is set to square off against this lineup, he may as well start writing his next of kin.

These are just a few of the lineups the mad scientist Gabe Kapler could design to wreak havoc on the National League, but I’m sure he has a few more unconventional sets hidden underneath his sleeve for this season. How would you shuffle the lineup if you were the Phillies manager? Let me know in the comments below!