Chase Utley to Angels?

The Philadelphia Phillies have taken their first major steps in the franchise rebuild in recent weeks. Papelbon, Cole Hamels and Jake Diekman have all moved on and as the waiver trade window nears, rumours of Chase Utley’s departure are only increasing.

The ageing second baseman is currently on the disabled list but should be rejoining the team as a starter tonight. Despite going 2 for 3 on Sunday, Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr seems to have taken a shine to Cesar Hernandez. In an interview back in July with Mcall, the GM was reported as saying “Cesar Hernandez is our best second baseman. I would assume that Cesar would be our second baseman. I think that’s fair.”

The future looks bleak in Philly for Utley, who’s now in his 13th season in the league and has declining numbers. He has hardly been a standout for the Phils this year and to have a few teams interested could well be a late blessing for both parties. which has gifted the Cubs and Angels a chance to take a deeper look at the 36 year old.

The Angels definitely need some depth at second base and a fit Utley could be the perfect signing. Utley doesn’t have a trade clause which would accelerate the process, but if Utley is to stay until the end of the season it may be worth holding out as he is set to become a free agent.

The team have already expressed in signing the recovering Utley but with the Cubs expressing that an August move could be on the cards it’s the perfect scenario for the rebuilding Phils who could maybe drive a slightly better bargain. It would be no surprise to see Utley move on in a trade which would truly see the end of an era, and the Angels seem to be the team who lead the way and could get the easiest deal.