A new underdog emerges on the O-Line: Ten takeaways from day four of Eagles Training Camp



Conservative for Carson:
The development of Carson Wentz this offseason has been outstanding. The strides he has taken, the confidence he has and the involvement during team activities have left fans purring. But after a couple of close shaves in 11-on-11’s, Pederson kept Wentz well out of harms way.

This decision is hardly surprising but also a positive one. Pederson is keeping to his word, refusing to do anything outside of what Wentz is capable of or comfortable with. The week one return has to be the long-term aim here, not a few extra snaps in Camp. Kudos Mr. Pederson.


Sudfeld sighting:
Nate Sudfeld has enjoyed a blissful start to Training Camp and continued that form today with a stunning pass to former Packers TE Richard Rodgers.

Rodgers in his own right could be one of the more overlooked players who could spring a surprise or two this offseason, while Sudfeld’s scrapping to prove himself worthy of a future QB2 spot. Watch this duo, there could be a lot of fireworks on the horizon.


Pryor’s promise:
Matt Pryor is another player who has started out strong. The rookie offensive lineman has been putting the second and third team unit through its paces and today, decided to fry a slightly bigger fish.

With the struggles of Chance Warmack and Isaac Seumalo, Pryor will be licking his lips at a chance of securing a role slightly higher up the depth chart.

Eagles reunite TCU tandem in drafting Matt Pryor and he’s wasting no time in getting to work


The forgotten son:
As the secondary battle continues, there’s one player who has been continuously left out of the conversation. That man made his presence felt quite strongly today.

The second-year cornerback is coming off of a strong rookie season but defensive action in his sophomore year could be limited. A few more practices like this and a strong preseason could change that.





Vicious cornerback battle:
Speaking of cornerbacks, all hell is beginning to break loose down at the NovaCare Complex. In theory, camp should separate the men from the boys. All it’s really doing is showing how many men there actually are.

Jim Schwartz is going to have a tough time choosing his starting trio come week 1 if things stay like this. There’s no such thing as too much optionality, but there’s definitely going to be a lot of intensity as camp continues.


An overlooked hole:
This relates directly back to the emergence of Matt Pryor. Chance Warmack hardly set the field on fire during his first season with the Eagles and failed to win a starting role he was primed to take over. In year two, the former first-round pick is continuing to struggle it seems, leaving the Eagles worrying about the next man up.

Will it be Matt Pryor, or maybe someone completely different who can pick up the pieces as the go-to backup guard?


Breakin a Sweat:
The former FSU pass-rusher hasn’t wasted much time in Philadelphia. Sweat is already ripping through offensive lines and causing havoc, which is what should be expected from a wildly talented athlete who was just a schematic misfit in College.

One of the NFL Draft’s brightest mid-round gems, Sweat is on


Gerry’s guide to the top:
Nate Gerry could be poised for a big year with the Eagles and a strong Training Camp will go a long way in helping that.

So far, so good for the Nebraska product who’s moved into the box after being drafted as a Safety. A year learning in this defense and carving his niche positions him well for a big offseason.


Receiver wars
There may be a battle for the second wide receiver position after all. Mike Wallace and Markus Wheaton continue to duke it out in the absence of Alshon Jeffery, with both being particular highlights.

The Eagles have plenty of wide receivers who are raring to seize an outside role. Only time will tell if Wheaton can hold a candle to the blazing speed of Wallace.


There were two minor injury updates today. TE Adam Zaruba and DT Aziz Shittu both headed inside during the practice. Details are minimal right now, but as more information is released, we will keep you posted!