1-on-1 with Temple and Penn target 3-star SG Trey Wertz


Trey Wertz is your definition of an all-around shooting guard. Wertz has excellent ball handling skills and knows how to get to the basket. He is an efficient shooter that also does a good job of finding players able to score the basketball. He is the 16th rated player in North Carolina, 66th rated shooting guard, and 286 rated player by 247. Wertz is one of those guards that will work hard and leave it all on the floor i had a 1 on 1 with him about his recruiting recently:


LJ: How long has Penn and Temple been recruiting you?

Trey: Penn has been on me since January and Temple came on during the AAU season

LJ: Do you plan to take a visit to either school? When?

Trey: I’m not sure yet

LJ: What are your top schools at this time?

Trey: I’m trying to cut my list here pretty soon.

LJ: Penn and Temple had nice recruiting classes last year. Are you familiar with how both teams  play basketball? What type of offense do you like to play in?

Trey: Yes. I got a chance to talk to both Coach Dunphey and Coach Donahue about their style of play. I like to play in a offense where there is a lot of freedom giving to the players to make decisions

LJ: Who from Penn and Temple has kept in contact with you?

Trey: Coach Bowman (PENN) and Coach Trice (Temple) have done a pretty good job.

LJ: What were your numbers last season in high school and this past AAU season?

Trey: 19/6/4 For HS and AAU I’m not really sure

LJ: What do you like about Penn and Temple?

Trey: Penn is an Ivy education that will set me up for life after basketball and is evolving their basketball program as well. Temple is also a good academic school and their program has been pretty good for the last few years.

LJ: Any teams that haven’t given you an offer yet showing interest?

Trey: Butler and Vanderbilt

LJ: There are a lot of opinions on AAU basketball. How has playing AAU helped your game?

Trey: Probably just the competition makes you raise your level of play. That’s really the only thing

LJ: Are Temple and Penn high on your list of schools?

Trey: Right now, Yes.

LJ: Are you planning on releasing your top schools soon?

Trey: Yes

LJ: When do you plan to commit:

Trey: Hopefully before our first game of the season but we’ll see

LJ: What makes you better than last season?

Trey: I think my all around game has improved

LJ: Whats the strength of your game?

Trey: Shooting, Scoring, and creating for my teammates as well as myself.


Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports