1-on-1 with 2019 3 star Penn state target Jordan Houston

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2019 RB Jordan Houston is one of the most underrated backs heading into 2019. An injury shortened his year last season but it hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the most explosive running backs in the nation. Currently rated a 3 star prospect and the 13th best player in Virginia, the 35th best running back and 435th best player by 247 in 2019, he is way better than what his stars say. I rate him as a high 4 star and feel he will reach it before he finally commits to a school. The Flint Hill high school star has 5 star potential, He is a top Penn state target and could be next in a long line of Penn state running back greats


LJ: They have you graded as a 3 star, I’m not satisfied by that. I know you are a high 4 star talent. What have you done to prepare for this season and get better?

Jordan: I have been lifting and doing speed and explosive training.
LJ: What were your numbers last game and who did you play?
Jordan: I just had my first game on Friday. I had 22 carries for 160 yards and 3 touchdowns.
LJ: How was your visit to Penn State for the Pitt game?
Jordan: The visit was amazing. I had a great time. I got to talk to the coaches and see a few of my friends. I also got to hang out with some of the commits.
LJ: You visited Penn State for the Lasch Bash. How was your visit?
Jordan: The Lasch Bash was very fun as well. I also got to eat a lot of great food. I got to build relationships with the coaches too.
LJ: Do you plan to visit again? When?
Jordan: I will probably be at the PSU vs Michigan game.
LJ:  How high are you on Penn State after your visit?
Jordan: I’ve always liked PSU. Penn State has everything. It has great football, it’s an amazing school overall. They will be one of my top choices.
LJ: What can we expect from Flint Hill high school this season?
Jordan: You can expect us to win our conference and to win our state championship.
LJ: You have an offer from Virginia Tech. How do you feel about that program?
Jordan: I really like VT. I do have a strong relationship with their coaches too.
LJ: What other schools are recruiting you the hardest? What are your top schools?
Jordan: Ohio State is recruiting me pretty hard. At least 3 Ohio state coaches have texted plus I’ve received a lot of mail from them. PSU, VT, and Tennessee have also been on me very hard. I think VT is recruiting me the hardest right now. It’s hard to tell. But out of those three schools, they are recruiting me the hardest,
LJ: What teams that haven’t offered are showing you interest?
Jordan: Ohio State, Rutgers, Houston, NorthWestern, UNC, Michigan, Michigan State, Kentucky, and a few more.
LJ: Do you have any scheduled visits?
Jordan: I do not have any scheduled visits right now.
LJ: How close are you with other PSU commits?
Jordan: I’m pretty good friends with Keaton Ellis. I’m also cool with Jesse Luketa and Justin Shorter.
LJ: When do you plan on committing?
Jordan: I Will probably Commit this spring or this summer. I am not 100% sure yet. But I’m not that worried about that. I’m just focused on my junior season.
LJ: What has the staff told you about your future with Penn State and what Penn State coaches keep in contact with you?
Jordan: Coach Huff always keeps in contact with me. He told me that I would have the opportunity to start for at least 2 years but if I prove I deserve to start then I can start at a younger grade. Coach Franklin told me PSU is the best place to be not only because of the great football but because of the close family bond PSU has. PSU is one large family.
LJ: You are one of my favorite players of 2019 I will be watching always a pleasure to talk to you Jordan.
Jordan: Thank you so much! Stay tuned to this season. Big things coming.