Eagles Draft: Small School Sleeper Profile: WR Christian Summers

September 03, 2016: Christian Summers (25) of Towson makes a catch and is brought down short of the goal line during the game between the Towson Tigers and the South Florida Bulls at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire)

Towson University, Wideout Christian Summers, is big (6’3, 217 lbs), he is quicker than fast, (4.59) and he’s strong (24 reps of 225). His work ethic on and off the field, and leadership can be compared to that of WR Jordan Matthews, of the Philadelphia Eagles. When you look at his measurable, his skill set, and game tape, you see a potential steal in the NFL Draft, and a future star on the field.  When you talk to the people he loves, you begin to see a young man who has the drive, the heart, and the passion, that makes him in many ways, Philadelphia Football.

Despite playing for a run first team, Summers hauled in 83 receptions for 1,336 yards, 16.1 (YPC) and 7 touchdowns in just 21 games. Those numbers certainly jump off the page. He has the skill set to play inside and outrun LBs, and safety’s,while showcasing the strength to bully shorter corners on the outside. His ability to go up and get the ball is only rivaled by his excellent route running.

What stands out most about Summers is his personality. When you talk to his family, his coaches, or another player, it is easy to describe his talent. Despite the glaring respect he gets from his peers and fans alike, talking to Summers, you would think he had no idea what they were talking about.

“I want to play football, I don’t sit and listen to all the nice stuff. I mean, I will be respectful and let people say their piece, but in the back of mind, I want to do more. I have this desire to be the best version of me I can be. I come from a great family, my Mother (Michelle) is my best friend, and my father (Joe), instilled that hard work in me. I am always trying to be a leader for my team, in any way, I don’t care if it is just from the sideline. I play a team game, so whatever it takes for the team to be a success, I will work on. That is what I think when I hear these nice things, that the team is doing great.” 

Talking to Summers, the respect, and humble approach was clear, and after he called me “Sir”, for the 5th time, I began to wonder where it all came from. So I talked to his first set of coaches, his parents.

Christian, has always been a big man, and I say that in the sense that, well…little men will do little things, act little, be small in their actions and mind. He is always the kid that did the big man actions, he didn’t get into unnecessary arguments, or fights. He isn’t the aggressive guy I am, or some guys are and that is because he is generally kind. He really cares for people and how things are going. He is the guy that will become a state trooper, an ATF agent, work for the FBI, things of that nature you know?, someone who will make a difference and fight for the underdog, I really admire him as a man for it.

It was obvious watching him (Summers), at a young age, that he had the thing that guys need. He just sticks out. He is the kid that other parents come to me later and say “wow, your boy Christian, is great…” I have been getting that for a long time. So, in short, it was obvious to me at a young age Christian, could play at a very high level.” (Father, Joe)

When you speak to his Father, you see where the hard work comes from, but ask him who the athlete was and you quickly get directed to his mother, Michelle. The older sister of Former Villanova Football player,(All-American in everything) Daniel Summers, whom is still considered to be one of the greatest athletes in school history, it is Michelle who is considered the source of the talent. I asked her when she realized Christian, had the talent to play the game?

Honestly as a Mother, you always see the best in your child, so I can’t pin point a specific time. I can say since a young age he has always stood out, he was always bigger, faster, stronger than other kids. So, when you look at it that way, you see what it was, and what it could be.

I love watching him play. He is always that guy that if the team needs 10 yards, he is looking to get 15, and it isn’t for his stats, it is to help the team. His personality has always been that of a good person. Kind hearted, but a hard worker. Joe and myself, his family has always instilled it in him, but honestly he didn’t need it. He is naturally like it. All the stats, accolades, media hype, doesn’t matter to him. He wants the team to be a success, and it is easy to love that about him.

The first time I took him to a game and I watched him light up and watch it, I knew it was where he was meant to be. He is a Philly kid, and his upbringing is obvious in his style of play. He is a bring your lunch pale to work, kind of guy, and it makes me so proud as his mother.”

His value as a versatile wideout and his willingness to be a special teams ace, should not be overlooked, but they blur in comparison, when you talk about the presence he would bring to the Eagles locker room. Mike Mayock of the NFL Network, spoke briefly about Summers.

Summers comes from good stock, obviously with his uncle Dan (Summers), but he brings his own talent. He doesn’t lean on who someone else was. He brings that to the field and most importantly to the locker room. He has all the talents, all the skill sets, to be a difference maker, or at least a real contributor to any NFL roster. He could be a good one, you root for a guy like him, he makes it easy.”

The Eagles, will have a great opportunity to see Christian up close, as he has been invited to work out for them. It is there that they will get a glimpse of someone who can help change the coarse of this young team, and be a true fixture for years to come.

“I always dreamt of running on the field in Philly, I think about legends like Brian Dawkins, and Brian WestBrook, I mean there are a number of them I could name. Just to be in a position to be here, to be able to be picked up by a team, is so humbling. It is amazing, and it brings a tear to my eye, I can’t wait to play.”