Eagles take second look at Paxton Lynch, QB search showing no signs of stopping


The Eagles Quarterback tour continues as the team will join the New York Jets and various other NFL teams at the pro day of Paxton Lynch. According to numerous reports, the Eagles didn’t get to spend as much time with Lynch as they’d hoped due to bad weather.

The good news for Eagles fans is that the Memphis star’s Pro Day will be streamed live on NFL Network with coverage having just started.

According to NFL Insider Adam Caplan though, this is just another spoke on a wheel that continues to turn.

So if you compile all that together, the Eagles will have privately worked out:
Carson Wentz
Paxton Lynch (weather interrupted the day which explains pro day attendance)
Kevin Hogan
Jared Goff
Christian Hackenberg

Attended the pro day of Paxton Lynch and had pre-draft visits with
Carson Wentz
Dak Prescott
Jared Goff

The Eagles drafting a Quarterback seems certain now, but where they draft one is another debate entirely.


photo credit: USATSI