Why Eagles hosting private workout for Jared Goff doesn’t mean they’re drafting a QB in the first round


After news broke that the Eagles would not only be hosting Jared Goff to a private pre-Draft workout but would be doing the same for the top 3-6 Quarterbacks in this years Draft Class,  social media went into meltdown. Whilst the news is big and obviously very exciting, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the birds are planning to take a Quarterback in the first round. Here are three reasons why.

3) Pederson’s pro-day preference
A week ago, Doug Pederson told the media that he wouldn’t be attending Carson Wentz’ pro day. The reason for this is that he prefers to work directly with the Quarterback in private workouts, something you don’t get to do at a pro day.

The workouts may well mean the Eagles are interested in the Quarterback prospects, but it could also just be how the Eagles do things. It would be to the same effect of attending pro days for the top 6 Quarterback prospects in the draft, which is something numerous teams are doing so it’s important not to get ahead of ourselves.


2) A closer comparison
When asked about drafting a project Quarterback on that same day, Pederson said the following:

“But I know if you’re looking for that third quarterback, then there’s some good ones in this draft. Taking out the top three, there’s still some guys in there that you can develop that would be good fits at a No. 3.”

Outside the top three also includes the next three QB prospects in the draft. The Eagles could well just be doing some extra scouting preparation in order to see if some of the lower projected Quarterbacks possess the same qualities that they like in the top 3. If it’s working with the Quarterback directly they like, it’s clear that the Eagles are looking for a very specific kind of Quarterback or one that has certain attributes. There’s no better way to grade them on those attributes than a hands on private workout.


1) Smokescreen
We all know by now how clinical Howie Roseman is when it comes to negotiations and the financial side of things. It really wouldn’t be surprising if all the Quarterback headlines were created just to almost prompt teams into taking some of the top prospects earlier, leaving the Eagles with a higher a chance of drafting a player they do want. Hosting private workouts for six Quarterbacks may seem a little extreme, but crazier things have happened in the NFL..

It’s a known fact that the birds need some reinforcements at Cornerback, Linebacker, Offensive Line, potentially a new starting running back and of course a project Quarterback. It’s an extensive list of needs and there is top 10 talent at every position..Roseman would be very smart to try manipulating the draft so the birds have the best opportunity of taking the player they prioritise as needing most.




photo credit: Getty Images