Eagles open to trading an unhappy DeMarco Murray according to NFL Insider


The controversy with DeMarco Murray never seems to end. A few weeks ago there was the ESPN interview saga which saw Murray contradict a report that aired at an almost identical time on the NFL Network that stated he was unhappy in Philadelphia.

Today, Ian Rapoport re-enforced his point and expands on it a little further.

The “trading him will be difficult” appears to be common sense due to the monster contract the bidding team would have to swallow, but if the Eagles are indeed sending out messages that they will listen to offers for 2014’s rushing leader then it certainly implies that both parties would be ready to part ways.

The relationship with Dallas keeps coming up in headlines. First Dez Bryant sent this tweet out…

Before the media began to reveal that even with the departure of Chip Kelly, Murray remains unhappy.

Doug Pederson spoke recently about how Chip failed to utilise his dynamic backfield stating;

“The first thing I noticed was there were three different (types) of running backs on the roster and you can’t take three different running backs and try to make them one running back.”

However he did imply that he has a plan to utilise the three very different styles of running back that the Eagles have on their roster…the question is now, will there be three to work with by the time the new season comes around, and what kind of compensation would the Eagles be looking for in return?