The Jenkins Draft: Eagles Mock 1.0


We’ve published plenty of Mock Drafts over the past few weeks here at Philly Sports Network, both Eagles only and full first round predictions. I have never put one together because I prefer to watch from afar and pick apart the trade rumors one by one, giving a more complete picture of where the Eagles may be looking in this years draft. But due to a lot of people asking and curiosity, I decided to put one together. So here it is, my first Eagles Mock Draft.

Round 1, Vernon Hargreaves, CB
The recent speculation surround the Eagles trading up to draft a Quarterback has seen the hype around Hargreaves drop massively. Many are taking Elliott in their drafts, which is fine..if you want to add a fourth starting option at running back. But the Eagles cornerback core whilst improved is hardly the most intimidating unit on the planet. A mixture of experienced corners who have previously worked under Schwartz and young potential, the Eagles possess a good unit that’s one player away from becoming a great one.

Hargreaves could well be that player. With 38 passes defensed in his career, Hargreaves possesses an incredible ability to read routes and stick to his man like glue. Whether it’s knocking a ball out or wrapping up larger receivers and finishing his tackles, Hargreaves might not be the most prototypical corner in the draft, but his football instincts and toughness make him a dream fit for this Defense. A great edge-setter and a lack of fear when going up to make a play are aspects of the game that the Eagles are desparately in need of after the disappointing season of Byron Maxwell. Alongside Rowe, Shepherd and the likes of Ron Brooks, VHIII could really fly in any team in the NFL, but he would soar under Jim Schwartz, a coach would help mould such a promising talent into the perfect fit for his Defense.


Round 3: Landon Turner, OG
If you want someone to open up holes then Turner is your man..and with Pederson talking about the possible implementation of a fullback next season, a strong Offensive Line is imperative. He may not be the most athletic in the draft, but his aggression and ability to push linemen with ease once engaged is extremely impressive. His incredible wingspan make him a threat to even the most dominant opposing linemen and so long as he can work on his reaction times, he could easily become an integral part of the line in Philadelphia. With the Eagles Offensive Line set to go through a transitional period as they prepare for the departure of Jason Peters within the next few years, Turner could very easily develop into a very disciplined and dominant guard.


Round 3: Kevin Hogan, QB
No Carson Wentz here. After watching a lot of tape on Stanford’s latest NFL ready Quarterback, I’m 100% certain that if the Eagles are going to draft a Quarterback, it should be Hogan. He may have a slow release, but he has an arm that can challenge Wentz or Goff on any given Sunday. Having played most of his snaps in a pro-style Offense unlike the top three projected QB picks, Hogan would be a perfect fit in Pederson’s very similar system.

What really sets him apart however is his Football IQ. Sure he sent his team to three Rose Bowls and won two of them, but when he was on the field, he ran the Offense. The playcalling, the audibles, Hogan did it all. With Notre Dame in control and time running out, Hogan marched his team up the field so they could kick a game winning field goal without using a single timeout. Why? Because the coaches believed in his ability to read the situation and know how to handle it.

Sitting behind Andrew Luck is not an easy thing, but Hogan possesses many of the qualities that make Sam Bradford so valuable to Pederson. Quick reads, extremely intelligent football mind, accuracy (completing 68.7% of his passes last year) and a very spatially aware and complete pocket passer. If the Eagles want a project Quarterback, they don’t come more refined and ready than Hogan.


Round 4: Kenyan Drake, RB
Drafting Ezekiel Elliott may sound like a great idea, but the Eagles already have four running backs with the potential to why not add another and let them compete in training camp? If you want a younger and more physically impressive version of Darren Sproles, Drake could well be the guy. A huge part of Derrick Henry’s success in 2015, Drake was a force to be reckoned with both as a rusher and when catching out of the backfield.

At 6″1 and 210 pounds, Drake has impressive size but can still juke his way out of trouble and leave opposing linebackers and safeties for dust. A reliable set of hands and some fiery burst speed saw him rush for 1,495 career yards and 18 touchdowns whilst receiving for 570 yards.

The main concern here is injury, but with the Eagles remaining one of the healthiest teams in the NFL due to their sports science program, there’s no reason he can’t put those woes behind him. His biggest curse, may work out to be the Eagles biggest blessing as he could slide down boards due to his concerning injury history.

Drake was easily one of the SEC’s most explosive players last year, proving to be just as dominant powering through the trenches as he was making Secondary’s panic through his electrifying speed and ability to get to the outside. You never knew where Drake could strike next and if the Eagles choose to retain a committee backfield going forward, Drake would be the ultimate compliment to an already dangerous machine.


Round 5: Travis Feeney, OLB
The Eagles Linebacker core has gone through quite a radical change this offseason and it will likely need some reinforcements. Having posted  60 tackles and a sack last year (which didn’t quite top his 76 tackles in 2012), Feeney possesses dominant size at 6″4 and 230 pounds. Not many players of his height can run a 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds, making him a dominant force as a pass rusher. Although he was defending passes as opposed to rushing the Quarterback last season, a switch to a 4-3 would almost certainly unleash the beast.

A hard hitting, ferocious and sometimes reckless linebacker is exactly what Schwartz needs. The erratic play will fade under the tuition of such established players and coaching talents which should also eliminate any lingering injury concerns. If Feeney falls to five due to those concerns, it’s certainly worth taking a gamble.


Round 5: Jayron Kearse, SS
What do Rodney McLeod and Malcolm Jenkins have in common? Both are incredibly physical and versatile players who can make an impact on any play. Kearse is no exception as the 22 year old ended his college career with 62 tackles, 6 passes defensed and 6.5 tackles for a loss. A very quick and hard hitting Safety is exactly what Schwartz is looking for and Kearse has a tremendous ability to force turnovers and chasing down faster receivers, limiting their yards after catch. He could definitely add to his frame, but as a backup to mould behind what could be one of the most dominant duos in the league, Kearse is the Kevin Hogan of Safeties. Overlooked, but has every chance to “the guy”.


Round 6: Geronimo Allison, WR
I haven’t taken a Wide Receiver until late on for a good reason. The Eagles have a LOT of wideouts and whilst not all are going to be bonafide game changers, competition at Training Camp will be very intense. Allison is a playmaker. It’s that simple. At 6″4, he can get up above corners and bring in balls with ease. If it’s a possession receiver the Eagles want to go alongside Matthews, Randle, Givens and Agholor, then Allison is the steady and soft pair of hands they seek. A strong blocker, Allison lacks the ability to separate at times and is not going to be your Antonio Brown or your Julio Jones. But 882 yards in his final season show exactly the type of impact he can have on a team. If it’s straight catches you need, Allison could be a perfect fit. If it isn’t, he’s intimidating enough to draw out the bigger and more dominating corners, leaving your number one/ two receivers with a better chance to make the play.


Round 7: Pearce Slater, OG
It’s important to bolster the Offensive Line and also plan for the future. Once Peters does move on, Johnson is the heir to the throne at Left Tackle..leaving a spot wide open for the taking. Slater is a guy who could very easily develop into a starting Left Tackle in that time. At 6″7, he’s a behemoth to navigate around and he doesn’t exactly lack strength either. At 329 pounds, Slater tears through opposing linemen like a hot knife through peanut butter and shows impressive quickness for someone his size. A little complacent at times, Slater has tendencies to let leaner attackers slip around him due to being almost reluctant to make the first push. But if that can be ironed out, Slater could be a steal in the final round.


Round 7: Chris Swain FB/HB
One of the more interesting prospects on this list, Navy back Chris Swain is still yet to find his true role. He has a brilliant balance of both power and speed making him an ideal fit in a third-down running back role (cough, DeMarco, Cough) or as a fullback.  1,038  yards in his final season as a college back to go with 10 touchdowns in just 13 games made him a delight to watch as he combined aggressive, power running with elusive perimeter plays. He isn’t Ezekiel Elliott and he likely never will be. But Swain is the type of back that could really thrive in Philadelphia in an Offense that could prove to be just as surprising as Navy’s.



photo credit: USATSI