Grading every move the Eagles have made in the last 48 hours

NFL: St. Louis Rams at San Diego Chargers
Nov 23, 2014; San Diego, CA, USA; St. Louis Rams free safety Rodney McLeod (23) reacts after recovering a fumble during the third quarter against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a hectic 48 hours for Eagles fans and beat-writers the point where it’s almost easy lose track of what’s happened! Well, don’t worry! I’ve compiled a handy guide of all Eagles transactions that have now been made official and all of the details that we have on them so far. You’re welcome!


DeMarco Murray/ Fourth round pick (110th)
Return: Titans Fourth Round pick (97th)

A pure salary dump move by the Eagles, but a very interesting one. The returns were never going to be great for a running back who fell drastically short of expectation in 2015 (regardless of the reasons) with a monster contract..but the second pick in the fourth round can definitely be seen as beneficial for the Eagles. There are still plenty of holes to fill and lifting the weight of such a heavy contract from the teams shoulders will mean a huge sigh of relief is in order for the Eagles, especially if the rumors of his unhappiness were true. From what I have been able to find out, this is what Murray’s new contract looks like. It’s unofficial as of right now, but if he’s taken a pay cut that drastic JUST to get out of Philadelphia then this has to be seen as a win…another season was never going to work.

Grade: B-

Kiko Alonso & Byron Maxwell/ First round pick (13th)

Return: Dolphins first round pick (8th)

Similar to the previous move, this was a move with the intention of dumping a huge salary. Maxwell has a lot of upside in Miami’s scheme but does not possess the physicality to fly under Jim Schwartz. A schematic disaster waiting to happen and a salary that could weigh the birds down for years to come, it was smart to jump ship quickly.

The Eagles have freed up a LOT of cap room which whilst impressive now, will be vastly more so this time next season when the Eagles have over 15 players set to enter Free Agency, they have much more room to work with. I was the first person to propose the swapping of first round picks purely based on the logic that Miami only have seven picks and would be unwilling to part ways with one considering how many holes they need to fill. The swapping of picks not only gives the Eagles more freedom to ensure they bring in a much needed “star” at what could be a number of holes that need filling, but it means that the trade is balanced.

The only negative in my opinion is Kiko Alonso. With just one year remaining on a rookie-deal that’s not exactly bank breaking, it may have been worth retaining him. Under Jim Schwartz, who Alonso almost played for prior to his injury in Buffalo he could have been given one more chance to carry on the legend of Kiko Alonso..and if he didn’t it was no major loss to the Eagles since his contract is just under $1M. The Dolphins have a chance to get something special out of Alonso in what’s surely going to be a do-or-die season. The deal is very beneficial to the Eagles but you have to feel Alonso was a sweetener considering the Dolphins needed some depth at the position…If the Eagles had managed to send Marcus Smith instead this Deal would get an A+.

Grade: A-


Chase Daniel
3-Year deal worth $21M,  $12M guaranteed.

I think deep down we all knew this was coming. Pederson had been hot on Daniel for a while and having seen him progress during his time with the Chiefs, everybody had a slight hunch he may end up in Philadelphia. The worrying part here is the contract. He’s going to average $7M a season and with $12M guaranteed, that’s incredibly good money for a starter. (Sanchez had a 2-year, $9M deal in comparison). Unless…there’s a deeper plan in the works here. Bradford’s contract works in a sense that IF a groundbreaking move were to occur between now and March 18th, they wouldn’t need to pay him anything…it’s a scary..scary thought and it could just be coincidental, but that is HUGE money for a backup.

Grade- C

Brandon Brooks
5-year deal worth $40M

The Eagles were slightly late to the Guard market that was likely the reason behind a huge $40M deal for Brandon Brooks. However, regarded as one of the best young linemen in the NFL, Brooks is a mauler. Extremely physical and someone who shows brilliant technique when sustaining blocks. The Eagles need some consistency in protecting the Quarterback, you won’t get much better in the Free Agency market than 26 year old Brandon Brooks.

Grade- B

Rodney McLeod
5-year deal worth $37M,  $17M guaranteed

My favourite transaction in the past two days, McLeod is the perfect fit for Jim Schwartz’s attacking 4-3 system. I wrote an article earlier today on how it’s a match made in heaven (which you can read here) but to save repeating what I’ve already said, he’s a hard tackler who outperformed his positional teammates, and the Eagles signed him for almost half of the price that the Giants paid for Janoris Jenkins. McLeod was ranked inside PFF’s top 10 safeties this season and at 26 is young enough to have a huge upside. Under Jim Schwartz and alongside Malcolm Jenkins? He’s going to help transform the No Phly Zone.

Grade- A

Leodis McKelvin
2-year deal worth over $6M

With Maxwell now out of the picture, the Eagles desparately needed a veteran at the corner position. If Carroll were to sign with another team, the Eagles would have had no corners with over a year of NFL experience if they had not signed McKelvin. Fast, physical and experience with the Eagles new Defensive Coordinator make the 30 year old a no brainer for the Eagles. you get a corner who fits what you’re trying to do, has done what you’re trying to do…and at a fraction of the price.

Grade- B-