The Eagles decision at Quarterback is more important than you might think


The Eagles are in a very sticky situation when it comes to their starting quarterback and as the draft approaches, the amount speculation is only going grow. But whatever way you look at it, however the Eagles decide to approach this and whichever direction Howie Roseman and the Eagles front office decide to move in, it absolutely has to be the right one…for so many reasons. This isn’t just an important decision for the upcoming season, it’s a decision that could shake the the franchise to its core. Not convinced? Here’s how.

Doug Pederson’s credibility:
Many questioned the hiring of Doug Pederson and rightly so. This is the former Chiefs Offensive Coordinator’s first Head Coach role in the NFL and it seemed as though the Eagles coaching search was a wobbly one.  Despite his lack of Head Coach and play-calling experience, Pederson helped develop the arm of Alex Smith who as we all know enjoyed a very big season…but what if the Eagles get this decision wrong?

The microscope is already out on Pederson as people eagerly await to see what he can do as a Head Coach and just how much wizardry he can work with his hybrid West-Coast Offense.

If the Eagles draft a rookie then the success of Pederson’s Offense could well balance on the shoulders of a young Quarterback in his debut season…that’s a lot of responsibility. If that is indeed the road that Philadelphia choose to go down then they have to be absolutely sure that they’re drafting “the guy”..because if not what is already a challenging stage to step onto could be glared upon by a very vicious audience. Of course Howie Roseman would take some of the blame..but the first man to take the hits would be Pederson.

If the birds retain Bradford that also comes with its own concerns. Whether Bradford’s accuracy stats and impressive late form lead to a huge second season in Philadelphia and help elevate Pederson’s hopes of success or become that of a mirage will likely bare the same weight to Pederson’s season as the decision to sign a rookie Quarterback…only there is a lot of potential cap room to be lost. The Eagles are set to head into a tricky 2017 free agency and will be needing all of the cap room they can possibly free up. If Bradford underperforms (which whilst highly debatable is still a possibility) and the Eagles end up losing some key talents to free-agency, Pederson could be waving goodbye to Philadelphia once again after just a few seasons due to the countless setbacks..all stemming from the Sam Bradford decision.

Roseman’s accountability
Jeffery Lurie emphasised very heavily that accountability is a very prominent factor going forward..and Mr Lurie certain will have to take a lot of it if things do go sour. So far he has been able to open and close some very impressive contract negotiations..but the negotiation with Sam Bradford and his agent will not only be one of two financially minded gladiators, but one that could impact his future in Philadelphia.

Many are already sceptical on Howie Roseman..especially with the draft approaching due to his previous inconsistency in picks and his journey to this point with the Eagles hasn’t exactly been the smoothest and a decision that backfires here could see Lurie not only take responsibility for the decision..but accept the consequences.

Pressure on Lurie
From a 4-12 season under Andy Reid to a roster purge under Chip Kelly..Lurie needs to find some stability within his organization..both on the field and off. If the Eagles draft a Quarterback who doesn’t live up to the hype it could set the franchise back another three years whilst impacting everyone below Lurie both mentioned above and not.

Lurie needs to ensure that Pederson has all the right tools to embark on his new adventure with the very best chance of success…in terms of personnel he has overseen a fantastic job with the hiring of Jim Schwartz and Frank Reich..not to mention former Eagle Greg Lewis and QB Coach John DeFilippo. But if Lurie allows the control of the roster to fall into the wrong hands yet again, his ownership would undoubtedly be called into question depending on the severity of the matter.