The Eagles’ first off-season move should be acquiring Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel
FILE – In this Nov. 15, 2015, file photo, Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) plays during an NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, in Pittsburgh. Browns coach Mike Pettine says he benched Johnny Manziel because the quarterback violated the team’s trust with his behavior during the bye week. Manziel was demoted from starter to third string on Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015, by Pettine, who was upset after a video emerged of the second-year QB partying last week in Texas while the Browns were off. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, File)

Since Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine benched controversial Quarterback Johnny Manziel following a video of the Quarterback at a party during his bye week was leaked online, there has been no shortage of speculation surrounding his future.We reported before the season started that Manziel would be a great fit for the Eagles, but as this season’s only strengthened our view and here’s why.

When people discuss why Chip Kelly hasn’t taken his team to a Superbowl yet, many put the blame on the fact that he hasn’t had a mobile Quarterback who truly fits his system. But then in that same argument, he did trade for Bradford..that was on him, nobody else. But what if the tables turned?

It’s no lie that our Offensive Line has been terrible this season which has led to the team taking 27 sacks this season. Bradford has been able to avoid pressure on several occasions but if we’re going to succeed with a Pocket Passer, we need a good Offensive Line. The short term solution is bringing in someone who has the ability to turn nothing into a big play. Manziel is about as mobile as they come and with plays like this…it makes you wonder what he could do in midnight green..

Just think…an Eagles option play…where the Quarterback actually takes the ball..I know it’s hard to imagine right now but think about it…

With the Manziel controversy seemingly never ending, it would hardly be a surprise if the Browns wanted very little in return for the former Texas A&M star. This would not only mean that the Eagles maintain what could prove to be a vital first round pick, but sign a Quarterback who is cheap and going to fit your system perfectly. That pick can then be used on a position where talent is needed much more urgently.

The big downside to Manziel is his attitude. The partying, the lies, the controversy. But let’s be honest..this is Philadelphia. This city has almost become second chance city. Michael Vick is the first name that springs to mind and Chip seems to like project players. Players that have a setback who have previously showcased a lot of potential. Bradford and Alonso have been the latest to fit that pattern and surely will not be the last.

If any coach can iron out this kids problems it’s Chip Kelly. Some say Kelly treats his players like College kids, Manziel is still acting like one. Chip appears to be ruthless in letting players go who don’t want to be there and in front of one of the toughest crowds in the NFL, Manziel would either sink or swim and for the assumingly low asking price, that’s a risk worth taking.

Even if he isn’t signed as the starting Quarterback (which would probably be for the best) can it really get any more inconsistent than Sanchez? Manziel is quite simply a damaged Mariota. Someone who if shown the right environment could truly flourish. But time is running out for Johnny Manziel. The longer he’s sat on the sidelines, the faster the lights on his career begin to fade. He’s still young, has thrown the same number of Interceptions that Sanchez has starts this year and has five touchdowns.

The kid continues to show huge potential with emphatic plays and scoring drives but then casts a shadow over it with a silly off-field mistake. The Browns are growing tired of it and with talk already heating up surrounding a trade to Dallas, the Eagles would be stupid to pass up on at least giving him a look.

The upside for Johnny Manziel is still incredibly high. His damaged reputation and constant ability to make headlines is what’s preventing him from being great. Manziel SHOULD be starting this week if the Browns wanted to field a Quarterback who will give them the best chance of winning, instead they’re making a foolish statement.

With all the talk of Kaepernick and RGIII constantly surrounding the Eagles, you have to think of the business side of things. Both Kap and Griffin would cost the Eagles a LOT in the way of salary cap space and what they have to give up…and like Manziel, neither are really certain to find their form from yesteryear.

Manziel is the cheapest, the youngest, the least injury prone and arguably has the highest upside…

Johnny Football needs a new home and if the Dallas talk is true, I would much rather see Chip push his ego to the side and give the kid a shot..because if we don’t, he will become a huge threat if he’s throwing to Dez Bryant behind a very sturdy Offensive Line.

Manziel has a high upside, he’s cheap, he’s a perfect fit for the system which would finally eliminate the “Chip needs a Mobile QB” argument and if he does flop it’s not the end of the world….it makes perfect sense.