Three bold predictions for the Eagles in week 11


As it stands right now, we are on a seven game streak when it comes to our Bold Predictions series for the Philadelphia Eagles, that’s seven weeks in a row where we have made a prediction that not only has been overlooked by the big sites, but has also come to fruition. This week sees the Bucs roll into town as Mark Sanchez will try to rally the Offense to a much needed victory. There are a lot of variables in this game but we have every intention of making it eight weeks in a row. So here are our predictions for the Eagles’ tenth game of the season.

The Sanchize returns 
Sanchez has long been a man of inconsistency. That was again made clear in the period he played last week in which he led his Eagles down the field with a few big plays before a terrible read that resulted in an interception. But it was his first live NFL game in 12 months and if we’re going to tar Sanchez with the same brush as we did Bradford then there is certainly some “rust” to shake off.

With the playbook now re-expanded after being simplified for Bradford and some changes in the backfield due to Mathews’ injury, we think Sanchez is going to be forced into a running heavy Offense IF the Offensive Line allows it. If it doesn’t, they will try and keep Sanchez on the rails with option plays and a selection of short passes involving quick reads. The result…(and this could be our boldest prediction yet) NO interceptions by Mark Sanchez.

He would have had a week to click with the new members of the Offense to avoid the chemistry issues we saw last week and with his partner in crime having regained his confidence, Jordan Matthews could help Sanchez move the posts more than you might think. There will be bad reads, there will be scarily close calls..but Sanchez will not throw a pick, that’s our “pick” at least!

The Eagles find another Lion King character
It was announced earlier this week that Ed Reynolds has been signed to the team after Jerome Couplin was predictably placed on IR following an injury sustained in week 9. We have already seen one surprise breakout this season in the way of Jordan Hicks and we think that another breakout could be just around the corner.

With Ball-Hawk Walter Thurmond suffering some hamstring troubles that have plagued his career and the struggles of Chris Maragos continuing, many are predicting that it will be Eric Rowe taking a lot more snaps..but we don’t think that’s the case.

Rowe has been overlooked by the team this season or in another sense, left to grow without much time on the Football Field due to the teams exceptional Secondary performances and Rowe’s rookie tendencies, this is where Reynolds comes in.

Reynolds was exceptional in pre-season and we think it could well be last years fifth round pick that sees a larger increase in defensive snaps. With that in mind, we’re predicting Reynolds will have 3 tackles in his professional debut for the Eagles AND/OR an Interception…the sleepers are coming, and people have been sleeping on Reynolds for far too long.

Double up!
Last week our correct prediction was that the Eagles would sack Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill 4 times. The Bucs have allowed 16 sacks on Winston so far and with the Eagles linebacker core looking thinner than normal, increased reps for Marcus Smith and Najee Goode could be imminent. Normally this would be a worry but both linebackers (especially Smith as Goode is “good” on Special teams) are running out of time to prove to Chip Kelly that they have what it takes to play in Davis’ Defense.

The pass rush will be perhaps more intense than ever, especially with Kendricks seemingly destroying anyone in his way and Kiko Alonso back to taking more snaps. We’re predicting the Eagles will amass another four sacks on the mobile Quarterback that would not only stop a similarly inconsistent Offense but assert much needed dominance boost team confidence ahead of their showdown with Detroit in just a few days time.

Not only that but Winston hasn’t thrown a pick in two weeks. He now comes up against two of the NFC’s best safeties and a certain $63million Cornerback who hasn’t allowed a touchdown in four games. We’re predicting at least two interceptions for the birds.

As always, be sure to bookmark this page and check back during the game so you can keep up to date with our predictions as we look to officially go half the season undefeated.

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