Three bold Eagles predictions ahead of week 7

Since week 2, our bold predictions have been scarily accurate. From a Bradford breakout to a change in style,  a Monster game from Murray, to a career game for Nelson Agholor..we have a habit of predicting what no other site has been able to…this week, we aim to break the internet yet again!

Bradford’s rebirth
Sam Bradford is coming off of a worryingly inconsistent performance in week 6 against the Giants. However despite all the media criticism since his arrival in Philadelphia, the former Ram has been able to stay focused and show signs of emerging leadership. This is arguably the most adverse scenario the Quarterback has faced in Midnight Green and he knows more than anyone that a big performance is needed. To make things worse, Carolina boasts a very impressive Defense, with Josh Norman alone amassing four interceptions..not good for someone who threw some terrible picks against a weak Giants Secondary.

But what happened the last time the Eagles faced a tough Defense, you know..the Defense that is currently ranked second when defending against the pass, giving up less than 1,000 yards this season? He didn’t throw a pick, found the end-zone and completed 73% of his passes to lead his team to their first win of the season. So tomorrow night? We think Bradford addresses the issues that have been all too prominent in recent weeks and throws for 350 yards and at least one touchdown…it’s definitely bold, but if the Defense can force short drives for Cam Newton then Bradford will be seeing a lot more of the ball and with it more opportunities to ignite this Offense.

Byron Maxwell’s first Eagles interception
Every week we have predicted this, it’s come scarily close. Maxwell has been improving as of late and whilst one of the weaker corners in the Eagles Secondary, he will be lining up against receivers who are yet to really make an impact this season. Other than Olsen (a tight end), only Ted Ginn has received for more than 200 yards, the rest of the core is below 100. The Panthers are also struggling with some familiar problems on the receiver front, Devin Funchess has caught just five of nineteen targets this season, sound familiar? With that in mind, the Panthers are going to struggle against a Secondary that now contains two top 5 safeties and one corner yet to give up a touchdown. Because of that, Maxwell will likely face weaker receivers and have a much higher chance of hauling in an interception.

4 sacks on Cam Newton
Last year, the Eagles brought down the Panthers leader nine times in a single game..nine. But a lot has changed in 12 months and Newton has become much more agile after recovering from the injury that he had only just began to bounce back from when he faced the birds last year. Newton is much more agile, aggressive and threatening in all aspects of play. That being said, the Eagles were able to dominate against the Giants and their pass rush will be high on confidence. The D-Line is rapidly emerging as one of the best in the league and guys like Cox and Logan are only making life easier for the already impressive Mufasa DeMeco Ryans and Simba Jordan Hicks..oh and then there’s Connor Barwin.

The Eagles Defense has been phenomenal as of late and has not only won the team games, but dominated. Newton is going to struggle against the pass rush and is likely going to be forced into some bad decisions to some inexperienced and inconsistent receivers. This is a Defense you don’t want to run against when you look at the numbers and with guys like Malcolm Jenkins being so tactical in positioning himself to bring down running backs..Newton could be in for a nasty surprise..but we’re predicting four of them!