Radko Gudas back in action

Radko Gudas has been trying to recover from a right knee injury since January, and has been working relentlessly to get himself back on the ice. All of the hard work is close to paying off as he joined the Flyers earlier today for his first ever Pre-Game Skate in Philadelphia.

The last such skate of the season saw the 24-year-old defenseman join the ice with his new  teammates for the first time since he joined the team in march as part of the Coburn deal.

Gudas has not seen NHL action since his game against the Toronto Maple Leafs back in December and had not skated in a team environment until today. His rehab is projected to last six months so as he enters his fourth, he won’t see any game action for the remainder of the season. But any experience to gel with his teammates will be invaluable before heading into the offseason. Especially seeing as that there is a lot of competition for him. The Flyers have already had far too many defenseman under contract and with the team being expected to re-sign Del Zotto it’s going to be tough for him to earn a regular spot..that’s without touching in draft picks!

The six foot, 204 pounds D-man is by no means a fluid skater he has a vicious right hand shot and his physique makes him tough to get around. Something the Flyers could really use. So whilst his spot is by no means guaranteed, it’s promising to see him back on the ice so soon.