How Josh Huff can be the Giants’ biggest nightmare on Monday Night

The Eagles head into Monday Night with every intention of dominating the New York Giants as they did just 12 months ago. However to get close to that level of intensity, they will need some help from their intimidating yet inconsistent receiving core. After a big performance in week 5, Josh Huff could well be the difference for the Eagles on #BlackMonday.

It could be argued that Josh Huff has had his breakout game for this season after scoring his first Eagles touchdown and receiving for 78 yards against the Saints. But we believe he’s capable of more…much more.

His touchdown pass alone was a showing of what the young man is capable of. The instinct to get to the outside once he had seen a player was falling in front of him was impressive, but the burst he showed in transition the outside was perhaps even more so. This didn’t just happen in the touchdown pass though.

For instance, in this short gain pass to Zach Ertz, you can clearly see Huff breaking to the inside of a Saints Cornerback at the top of the screen. Not only would he be “open” for a Bradford laser so to speak, but there was actually more pressure moving to the right hand side of the field where Ertz was positioned. Not only would Huff only have to beat one man on the outside, but he was already behind the pressure..this could easily have been a big game after some great route running and instinct to break in front by Josh Huff.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 16.10.05

The play below was for a 19 yard gain and again, the same matchup was all to easy for Josh Huff. A cutback left him completely open on the sidelines to haul in a long pass in what could easily have been a touchdown if he was able to shimmy off the tackle.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 16.21.36

But it’s not just receiving that makes him so vital. Here we can see him desperately trying to open up a running lane for DeMarco Murray. Not only is he a natural speedster he has the blocking edge that Riley Cooper brings to the field.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 16.15.09

Our final example of Huff’s prowess is on this play against the Saints. The speedster finds himself in double coverage but instead of running behind the man in front of him and across the middle on a slant route..or cutting back and being covered instantly, Huff runs AROUND the man ahead of him and into the huge gap in front of the two defenders for what would have been a big gain..the pass wasn’t aimed at Huff however and became a 23 yard pass for Brent Celek.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 16.29.16

Huff has caught eight of his eighteen targets so far but interestingly averages 14.6 yards per reception, the third highest in the team behind Cooper and Austin. He’s tall, has great route running and has proven in the last game alone that he has a great ability to read a corner’s moves and break coverage.

With Bradford spreading the ball around a lot more, it’s quite possible that Huff is going to see an increase in targets against the Giants. With Nelson Agholor also doubtful, Huff is going to be that much more important at doing what he does best..getting deep down the field.

The Giants secondary has been woeful this season, ranking 32nd in pass defense. Now, without Prince Amukumara, the Secondary suffers yet another blow. Their worst nightmare is somebody who can get deep down the field..,shake off tackles…

Burst down the sidelines and leap up for catches. Not to mention his ability on screen passes and blocking to create holes for DeMarco Murray to run through.

Huff is a multi dimensional player who could wreak havoc in more than one area for the New York Giants..the question is, will Sam Bradford give him the opportunity of being a game changer?