Day three of training camp was widely appreciated by fans who flooded to Lincoln Financial Field earlier today to get their first look at the new Philadelphia Eagles in action. We have noted  the best from the days training sessions below.

Bradford’s Bail 

Today marked the first time that the pads were on and all eyes were on Sam Bradford. There was one play where he rolled out left and was forced to avert danger and throw to the sidelines. That doesn’t sound like much of a noteworthy play but it’s the first time Bradford has had to think on his feet and move out of the pocket..and he looked more than capable and beyond comfortable. He’s healthy.

Defensive promise

It was the Defence who stole the show today. With Brent Celek dropping passes, fumbles galore amongst other things it was the boys in the back who came up big. Byron Maxwell made arguably the best play of the day, swatting down a pass intended for rookie Nelson Agholor at the last second before both players dropped to the ground. The fans applauded and Maxwell seemed to thrive on the admiration..he will fit in great here. Maxwell also frequently beat Josh Huff and stuck to him like glue all afternoon. It was a big day for the former Seahawk.

Mystical Murray

The question marks hanging over DeMarco Murray’s head were dispelled after Sunday but reborn today. Apparently, Chip had mentioned that his dehydration levels were incorrect but the strange actions continued at the Linc. The former Cowboy barely took any reps as he was almost replaced early on. If Kelly is indeed trying to reduce Murray’s workload, he’s being very…”shady” about it…(sorry for the pun)

Shepherd’s warning

Quron Pratt had a huge chance for a touchdown earlier on a Barkley pass after leaving the rookie in the dust..but Barkley aimed too high and JaCorey trecked back to intervene and ensure that no play developed. He then proceeded to cover Pratt for the remainder of 7’s with very tight coverage and forced a few incompletions. For a rookie who needs to step up, he’s certainly showing the potential.

Reps Reps Reps

As detailed in our podcast earlier, Sanchez had taken well below ten reps with the first team until today. Eager to make an impact in an “open competition” in which there is no equal sharing amongst reps, Sanchez gounf a nifty pass over Kendricks to Zach Ertz for a 20 yard gain. The majority of reps yet again went to Sam Bradford who looks increasingly impressive on the field. The fans however, seemed to love Tebow. His name was frequently chanted as his fans came out in their packs.

Special Teams

Josh Huff seemed to be catching eyes during special teams but interestingly yet not surprisingly, Nelson Agholor began to take some kick return drills. The rookie has incredible speed and some fancy footwork, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see him become a namesake in the Special teams unit. #LoveParkey was also as consistent as ever, it was like the pro bowler now in his second season had never been away!

JMatt Attack

Jordan Matthews was once again on fire..don’t believe us? Check this out!


Sproles Train

Once again like last year, Darren Sproles found himself in the slot. It appears that the coaches are trying to prove a point when it comes to #43, but they may be right. Sanchez found the running back twice during seconds drills twice in a row, both for solid yardage. Sproles looked just as good as anyone else out there…

Oh and GJ Kinne played in the backfield for a while..HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT HIM TO MAKE THE ROSTER IS THERE ANY POSITION HE WON’T/CAN’T PLAY?!