BREAKING: Confirmed’ Sakiewicz out as Union CEO

With numerous sources and journalists reporting that Nick Sakiewicz’s time as CEO with the team is up..the rumours are all but confirmed.

With the team expected to make an announcement later today, ESPN have officially reported the departure whilst “The Inquirer” were able to grab a quote from Sakiewicz who went on to say the following: “I enjoyed my time at the Philadelphia Union and am proud of the team and organization and stadium we built. I wish the Union, Jay Sugarman, and the entire organization the best of luck and continued success.”

It looks as though that it may have been a win and in scenario for Sakiewicz in this weeks Open Cup Final loss on penalties but it will be intriguing to see just what the Union announce. Will ownership change hands, is there a caretaker for Sakiewicz’s duties before they find a suitable replacement?

All will be revealed later on.