Could Mario Chalmers be heading to the Sixers?

As trade rumours fly around the MLB regarding Cole Hamels and the Phils, in the NBA it’s a different story. As Free Agency heads to a close, the Sixers are $21 million under the salary cap..but there’s still some “heat” flying around..

The Hinkie long term plan braces fans for a few more seasons of small expectations with huge rewards long term as he looks to rebuild the team from the ground up. But one advantage to having so much cap space, despite the owners being reluctant to spend any money, is that the team could take on contracts from opposing teams.

 Sources are reporting that the Miami Heat are searching for a new home to fly Mario Chalmers out to to avoid what would be a hefty bill. The teams currently set to be interested involve the Lakers, the Knicks and indeed the Philadelphia 76’ers.

The 29 year old Point Guard could well be the answer to the starter question posed recently. The current point guards are young and bursting with potential, but someone of Chalmers’ experience and knowledge of the game would be a perfect acquisition to help tutor the youngsters. Averaging 1.5 steals per game last season and picking up an average of 10 points per game, he’s the sort of player that could bring the perfect balance to Philly.

Not only that, but Hinkie may not lose out all that much..especially if he can grab an extra draft pick or two from the trade. This sort of idea would benefit both teams and whilst it may seem unlikely, it would definitely give the Sixers a huge boost going into this season, even if Chalmers was signed just to add some depth.

Whilst a trade is unlikely due to the Sixers trying to cut as much expenditure as possible, it’s hard to deny that seeing Chalmers run riot at the Wells Fargo would be incredible. Okafor and Noel could improve Offensively much quicker than previously anticipated and it may even send the Sixers into a position that fans would be satisfied with come the end of the year.