Freddy Adu to return to Philadelphia?

Former Football Manager Wonderkid and Philadelphia Union player Freddy Adu has announced on twitter that he is leaving Finnish team Kuopion Palloseura..yeah, try pronouncing that after a few beers!

Joking aside, the former U.S International joined the team in March in what was seen to be a stepping stone in the rebirth of his career. It’s needless to say the hype of being so widely touted by Football Manager players worldwide and scouts across the world impacted his career. The success came so quick, his debut with D.C at just 14 was probably a bit much to handle. At 14 I was still trying to beat Modern Warfare on veteran, let alone start a football career alongside the pros!

It has been reported by a few sources that multiple teams in the North American Soccer League are looking to pick him up when he becomes a free agent next month. However, a return to the MLS for a third run isn’t out of the option for the former Union playmaker.

This is where things get interesting. Could Adu return to the Union? With all of the speculation about Sak’s current views and plans when it comes to finance, it kind of sounds like the sort of thing he would do right? We have all read the interview in which he proclaimed that we would not be pumping millions into buying a Michael Bradley, but if someone like Adu who could still have a small chance at blossoming into the player he was once predicted to be was available on a free, would he pass up on it?

Adu started 26 games with the Union over his two active seasons there, scoring seven goals in the process. It’s not exactly as if the Union are flooded with options when it comes to goalscorers as it is and while most Union fans would be more than happy to see this prediction have as much truth as the 2012 predictions, it might hold up. Adu has experience with the match squad, isn’t TERRIBLE and would add an option for if and when Sapong needs a rest. He isn’t going to grab 30 goals a season but he would be available for free, the wages would be extremely cheap due to his career position and it may give him one more shot at living up to the legend of Freddy Adu.