Top Three Eagles who may miss out on 53 man roster

With the summer coming at what seems like an incredible pace, the tradition of selecting the 53 man roster comes with it. For most players, it should come with no pressure as they have cemented their place in the starting lineup. But for others, their futures may not be so certain. There are a few players who simply have to make the cut this year to save their NFL careers. But it’s a lot easier said than done. Here are the three people in the most danger of being released come the roster cut.

3. Earl Wolff

Nov 3, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles safety Earl Wolff (28) during the game against the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum. The Eagles defeated the Raiders 49-20. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Wolff’s motive for the season will be very simple. Stay healthy. With Kelly already taking on a few risky decisions as of late when it comes to injury prone players, the last thing he needs is a second string who faces the same issues. Wolff has to stay healthy, prove his progress hasn’t been hampered by his injury and secure the second safety role.

The Eagles’ fifth round pick two years ago has shown flashes of promise, but has never really been active long enough to make a lasting impression. In the two seasons he has been with the team, Wolff has played in  just 18 games, starting in less than half. He missed the last eight games of 2014 due to undergoing knee surgery, and is yet to appear in OTA’s.

If that wasn’t tough already, Wolff is going to have to compete with Walter Thurmond III who was brought in during the off-season. The spot alongside Malcolm Jenkins is hotly contested as Ed Reynolds and Jaylen Watkins are also in fierce competition for the spot. It’s a big ask for Wolff to overcome such a talented group of players whilst battling injury issues.

He may not lose his spot as an Eagle, but the Eagles head coach would be reluctant to keep Wolff if he can’t stay on the field. He has to improve and he has to do it now, if he doesn’t it may mark the end of his tenure as an Eagle.

 2.Ed Reynolds II

Reynolds was very much a surprise last year after being cut following just a few months with the team..hardly promising. The team’s fifth round pick in 2014. missed pretty much all OTAs, and spent last season on the practice squad. There’s an uphill battle and then there’s climbing Everest. With one starting safety spot still up for grabs, there is a chance that last years fifth round pick can prove his worth and surprise the team again..this time for the right reasons.

Now that he’s had a full season alongside an NFL Offseason to prepare, Reynolds should have made notable improvements.. whether said improvements are worthy of him making the team remain to be seen.

1.Matt Barkley

The only Quarterback to be drafted by Chip Kelly..unfortunately for Barkley, that remains his most prolific achievement to date.

In his three regular season appearances he’s thrown 300 yards, no touchdowns and four interceptions. With most of these stats coming from THAT game against Dallas in 2013. In his time on the field, he’s hardly set the field fact he’s been beyond sub-standard. He doesn’t seem to have great leadership qualities and his arm hasn’t been too hot either.

Barkley hasn’t been able to win the second-string job thus far and is now fighting for the third spot on the roster..against Tim Tebow..things are looking great for Barkley..(sarcasm very much intended)

Competing against a player who hasn’t played in the league since the year before Barkley was drafted shouldn’t be that tough on paper. But there’s no work rate or hype train like that of Tebow and the former Jet could provide more versatility and opportunities as opposed to just being a brick in the wall. If Barkley really wants to make the team, he will need to re establish the form of his college days. The form that got the whole league buzzing. If he fails to do that, the future isn’t looking too green..