Three reasons Why Jets game could benefit Eagles

The Eagles were predicted things ahead of the 2015 but two games in sit winless and scoreless in five of their eight quarters. They now move onto one of the toughest Defenses in the NFL in terms of the New York Jets..but it’s not all bad. Why? Here are three reasons why the Jets game could actually benefit the Eagles.

3: Bradford’s crossroads
The Jets play an extremely aggressive style of Defense. Sam Bradford is yet to complete a pass of over 20 yards. The Cowboys put on a clinic of how to stop this Up-Tempo Offense on Sunday and whether or not the team rebound could rest on the shoulders of Bradford if the Offensive Line retains its same dismal form.

When the Jets forced Andrew Luck into countless turnovers there was a lot of pressure on the QB. When the Dallas Cowboys forced Bradford into two INT’s and constant three and outs, the same pressure was applied. The way to beat both Defenses? Play the game that until now Bradford refuses too. If a receiver is wide open 30 yards down the field but the hot route is marked..Bradford would still choose the short yard option. If the running game (now without Murray) is absent yet again, all responsibility is going to fall on Bradford’s shoulders and he has to be ready for it.

Nick Foles had no fear when airing out passes down the field and it cost him. Sam Bradford is a binary opposite. If the running game is shut down yet again and Bradford finally finds some confidence in his arm to throw some deep passes, you have two of the best route runners possible in Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor.

The Jets have allowed eight big yard passes in their first two’s an aspect of the game neither Chip or Bradford can ignore but many are expecting too. If Bradford can come out swinging and air out some deep balls then it may, just may..kick start this Offense into life and provide a base to build on. Once the Jets have to be wary of defending the deep pass, the running game will also re-ignite. But all of this falls on Bradford’s confidence and Chip’s gameplan.

2: One more fall before we fly.
The Eagles had a lot of three and outs against Dallas and maintained possession for just twenty minutes. The Jets lead the league with ten takeaways through two weeks..almost forcing something different out of this Eagles Offense. Regardless of the result, this game is almost destined to finally explain what’s wrong with the Eagles.

There have been many contributing factors but in a game where an inefficient Offense is coming up against some of the biggest names in the NFL, they’re going to be exploited in every way possible. Dallas had a weakened Defense and the Eagles looked bad. It was obvious the O-Line struggled and that receivers should be quicker at finding separation, but beyond that? Why can’t Bradford succeed with short passes? Why can’t Murray power through to find even just a few yards? What exactly is the O-Line doing wrong?

All of this will be highlighted against the Jets, giving Eagles fans one more week of agony before the media can finally rip deep into tape to find exactly why it is this team are struggling in so many areas. After that, the teams fate will lie in Chip Kelly’s hands. But this is the first real defensive “challenge” the team have faced this season. The first time they will be “tested” to their fullest ability. So the results are either going to show doses of hope…or worrying amounts of disappointment followed by just a drop of optimism as we can finally establish what the overall issues are if they persist from last week and how to correct them. Sometimes you have to go back before you move forward..

1: Chip Kelly’s first challenge
In Chip Kelly’s opening seasons with the Eagles, he has led them to a division title and brought two positive season records to the team after a 4-12 Andy Reid farewell. However, he never had a task like this. What Chip Kelly has done is build a team of individuals.

DeMarco Murray- One of the elite rushers in the NFL
Sam Bradford- Number one 2010 draft pick..injury problems
Ryan Matthews- injury problems
Kiko Alonso- amazing rookie season..injury problems

Now as Eagles fans we know exactly WHY Chip Kelly has taken these risks but undoubtedly he has sold the last five years of heart from this team. The passion has gone. No more DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Evan Mathis, Nick Foles to name but a few. The soul of this team has been traded for a system that has no real stars. It’s a system in which everybody is replaceable. Chip’s first real test? Proving to the world that this DOES make sense. Philadelphia is a city that embodies passion. It’s teams embody passion and so should its players. Right now, it’s simply not there. If Kelly can get this team firing and deliver that first win against a team they are somehow now expected to lose against? Then he will not only restore faith but also silence a lot of critics who have recently come out of their caves. A loss is only going to make things worse and the blame is slowly but surely going to move onto the coach as the bad results continue? Why is this a good thing you ask?
If the Eagles win: Chip Kelly proves that this group of talented individuals can play as a TEAM. That these stars CAN win under his system and that the obstacles and adversity they have faced so far will not hold them back.

If the Eagles lose: Chip Kelly’s seat becomes more and more discussed and as the problems begin to pile up he will either be forced to make roster changes, scheme changes or staff changes. It’s a case of fire the gun or we will force you to fire it at a place you don’t want to. For the Eagles? It’s probably the best scenario right now. The Fans want instant action to be taken, instant results. The only way that’s going to happen is if changes are going to be made…and we know for sure Chip Kelly is not going to stand for an 0-3 start to the season with the same issues costing them again and again.