Sam Bradford to play out Contract

There has been a lot of talk recently about new Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford and whether or not the Eagles would extend his deal or no due to his history. We may have finally got an answer today as it’s been reported that Bradford won’t sign an extension and will indeed play out his final contract year.

The 27 year old came to Philly in part of a trade with the Rams which saw Nick Foles traded. Bradford has been flooded with injuries his entire career and missed the entire 2014 campaign due to an injured ACL. including an ACL injury that forced him to miss the entire 2014 season. We have spoken in great detail about Bradford, his stats and why he is going to succeed in this scheme countless times before but there is no better place for an injury plagued player than Chip Kelly’s sport science Offense.

It’s easy to see why the Eagles were perhaps a little concerned when penning a much more extensive deal with the former number one draft pick, but equally Sam Bradford may have his own reservations. It wasn’t so long ago many were thinking this move was all part of a master plan to snatch Mariota from the Titans!

If Sam Bradford succeeds with the birds in his opening season, I can’t see why a three year or five year deal couldn’t be worked out but there are simply too many variables to put such big money on the line right now. An extension right now would be like pre-ordering a game that you’re not even sure when the release date is or if it’s ever going to be finished. Let the game come out, then buy the deluxe edition.