Which Eagles player had the best pre-season?

We’re just seven days away from the return of Eagles Football and as the excitement builds, I thought it was time to ask a question. Of all the guys who stepped out onto the field during the four pre-season games, who had the most consistent performances? Who stood out the most? Who made an immediate impression? We ranked the three most impressive pre-season players below. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments±

3. Sam Bradford

He may not have featured in every Pre-Season game and he may not have taken a lot of snaps, but Sam Bradford impressed everyone hugely. From his display of character after a sickening Terrell Suggs hit to going 10/10 the next game. Bradford stepped into this Offense knowing all eyes would be on him and once the initial rust was shaken off he came alive in the lights, leaving his authority all over this team and earning the fans faith, loyalty and respect. Bradford got the place pumping, fans at home were shouting and on their feet when the first touchdown was thrown..the Eagles found their new leader, not just in terms of an arm..but in terms of a character..someone who’s passionate and has the drive to lead this team to glory.

2. Kenjon Barner

In previous years, the Eagles have only kept three running backs on the 53 man roster, but Kenjon Barner was determined to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself. He broke the mould and put in spectacular performances from start to finish. Two touchdowns off of punt returns certainly turned the spotlights towards him. 59 yards off of two receptions against Green Bay kept them on him at all times. Barner was going to make this team one way or another. The Eagles special team unit has been beyond explosive in the past two years and Barner is going to be a key part in keeping that trend going. Barner looked like the perfect blend of DeMarco Murray and Nelson Agholor. The punchiness and vision of Murray and the size and speed of the Eagles wide receiver. In fact, the two both ran 4.44 40 yard dash times. Barner has found his calling in Philadelphia and has turned an already intimidating backfield into the deepest and most dangerous in the league. Versatility, explosiveness and elusiveness. The backfield is coming.

1.Bryan Braman

Hear me out before you say “How could Braman beat Bradford?!” etc etc. Pre-season is a chance for players to do everything they can to impress Chip Kelly and secure their place on the roster. No position is safe and with Braman’s back story it’s inspirational that he’s in the position he is today. Over the course of the four pre-season games Braman performed outstandingly well. Don’t believe us? Here are his stats according to Pro Football Focus

Snaps- 105
Run Def- 55
Pass Rush-37
Sacks- 1
QB Hits- 3
Stops 7

Not only did Braman take a certain Colts Quarterback to #SuplexCity but he was a constant threat. The numbers don’t lie, Braman has worked exceedingly hard this off-season and you know what, he might not have won all the media attention, he may not have reporters create hype about him before and after the game..but he was the most consistent man in that position over the course of four weeks. With the Linebacker core becoming  stronger and stronger, positions are going to be fiercely contested. Braman was the equivalent of an orchestra at a musical. The actors get all the praise, but the show would be half as good without the music.