Five takeaways from Eagles vs Packers

The Eagles travelled to Green Bay in seek of revenge following a regular season demolition dealt by Rodgers and crew last year. They got exactly that as they defeated the Packers 39-26. Here are some of the biggest things to take away from the teams third consecutive win.

Bradford’s back.

And he looks better than he ever has. He didn’t play as much as we predicted, but in the three series he lead the Offense in, he was nothing short of brilliant. Going 10/10 for 121 yards and  3 TDs was unexpected of the former Ram, but a very pleasant surprise. It’s still very early to claim that he is the future of the Eagles as we are still yet to see if he can maintain that form over four quarters, but he looked great. Any rust that was present in his first snaps against Baltimore had been well and truly shaken off and any doubts had been swept away. His passes were tantalisingly accurate, slotting them perfectly over opposing backs..he could place the ball wherever he wanted and someone would get to it. By utilising DeMarco Murray, it gave the Eagles a lot of extra options, Bradford looked relaxed, composed and dangerous. You can watch all ten of his perfect passes below.

Safety Net

Walter Thurmond continued to show the world why Chip Kelly brought him in by obtaining yet another interception. Not being content with just picking off Joe Flacco, he went after the Packers backup. Thurmond has looked a force to be reckoned with in the secondary, a sight for sore eyes.

The After Barner

He may not have scored another punt return, but Kenjon Barner was able to take a 50 yard screen pass in his stride. He continues to make huge plays and whilst not being the fastest man out there, he has fantastic vision and is able to break through tackles when needed…Barner is cementing his spot on the roster more and more every week.

Defensive Dark Horses

Eddie Lacy ran for two yards last night..a running back who has two 1,100 yard seasons to his name. Whilst the Defense gave up a few alarming plays and the linebackers (still without Alonso) struggled when it came to defending screen passes, the rest of the unit more than made up for it. Najee Goode stepped up at ILB and made some excellent plays including laying the smack down to Crockett for a loss of four yards. The team are bringing in two INT’s per game and look very successful on the field. The Packers have been the first team to really exploit any weaknesses and put up more points than the Ravens and the Colts combined, but if that’s all we have to worry about then there really isn’t much at all.

Burton’s stage

Trey Burton had impressed all off-season and continued to do so on the field. Last night the tight end causht four passes, two of which were touchdowns. It would not surprise me at all to see Burton utilised alongside Zach Ertz upon his return whilst Celek becomes more of a blocking tight end. Like Barner and like Mostert, he’s versatile. That trait gives him endless possibilities to make the cut for this team. He catches the ball securely and looks fast when he has it..don’t write off the tight end just yet.