A birds Eye View: Day Ten of Eagles Training Camp

Day ten of Eagles Training Camp was an interesting affair, some more injury news amongst some surprising performers. As we approach the opening game of Pre-Season, everything is up for grabs. We take a look at the biggest stories coming out of the NovaCare Complex!


Interestingly, we’re going to start off with the head coach as opposed to the players. Chip Kelly arrived at camp this morning not by Car..but on a bike. Chip Kelly..on a bike. It’s just begging for some internet edits but it’s great to see Chip being so at one with the city.


Taking a breather

So there was quite a list of big names who didn’t practice today..so much so that Malcolm Jenkins set up seats for his teammates in the shade! The list is as follows:
Kiko Alonso,
DeMarco Murray
Mychal Kendricks
Zach Ertz
DeMeco Ryans
Earl Wolff
Jerome Couplin


A few of these players are out with injury whilst others are simply having a rest day to maintain peak physical fitness. Everyone needs a day off every now and again, the Eagles are no exception. But the absence of DeMarco Murray for yet another session is slightly worrying. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Ryan Matthews taking the first snap come Sunday in the game against the Colts.

Quarterback Watch

Two good days, two weak days. But surprisingly, the usual suspects have been switched. It was Sam Bradford who had a slight off day today, a few interceptions and a short series of incompletions clouded what was otherwise a solid day. Meanwhile Tim Tebow looked a little weaker as he struggled to get rid of the football. It was Mark Sanchez who seemed the most impressive of the four, despite overthrowing his targets early on. Matt Barkley seemed to have the consistency that Tebow has lacked this camp and is by far the more complete passer, but he struggles on deep passes and some easy plays. NJ.COM have full stats on QB’s from the days action, including completion rates etc, it’s definitely worth a read.

Corner Conundrum

It was Eric Rowe who took the first team reps at Nickel, after looking brilliant in 1-on-1s. A few pass breakups saw his progress this camp incline very quickly. He’s starting to flash brilliance in the latter stages. E.J. Biggers took the second team reps whilst the confident Jaylen Watkins practiced with the thirds.

Receiver Watch

Jordan Matthews impressed yet again, nothing new here. He has easily been the most consistent player in the entire team all camp. Constant development, constant completions, constant threat. Agholor didn’t look as sharp as he has previously, dropping a few easy passes. You could put them down to being rookie errors, it’s something he’s struggled with most days but still continues to cause a tornado when he takes off down the sideline.

Guard Dogs

Finally, we haven’t touched on the Eagles guard situation much this season but it’s worth noting who’s getting the first team reps. Andrew Gardner took them today, meaning he’s taken the most all camp. Don’t write off Julian Vandervelde yet, we interviewed the Eagles guard recently and he remained very confident of having a good camp. As the Eagles still have very much an open competition at the spot, Julian will almost certainly have the chance to take some reps this Sunday. Impress in those and who knows what may happen! He has had half of the reps in comparison to Gardner, yet quietly impressed..watch the space.

Days with first team

Gardner 4
Tobin 2
Moffitt 2
Vandervelde 2