Three reasons why Dez Bryant won’t become a Philadelphia Eagle

Today is the last day that the Dallas Cowboys have to try and find mutual terms with Dez Bryant If no deal materialises then he will be forced into a one-year deal. Without that contract, Bryant has already said clearly he will not be playing. If the Cowboys cannot give Bryant what he wants he has already told sources and indeed social media that he will walk away without looking back. Now this has not only excited Eagles fans because it would spell disaster if Romo lost his number one receiver and running back in the same season, but also because the image of Bryant joining the Eagles receiving core is naturally incredible. We will be doing an article on three reasons why Bryant may well be bleeding green soon but here are three reasons that the heart of the Cowboys Offense will not be playing under Chip Kelly anytime soon.

3. Money, Money, Money

The problem with Dez in comparison to other NFL stars is his obsession with money.

For someone who had such a huge year, and on the money he’s on you’d think that he’d be a little more lenient when it comes to contract negotiations. But, this is the first reason why he would never play under Chip Kelly. Look at the stars that Kelly has sent packing in the last two years, with the most relevant here being Evan Mathis. Nobody is bigger than Chip Kelly’s team. Mathis demanded a big contract, Kelly simply showed that he isn’t indispensable and as of right now, remains sat in free agency. Yes it would be amazing to see Bryant play in Philly and to see him ruin the Cowboys Defence. But Chip Kelly would simply not give in to the crazy demands Bryant would insist on.

2. Fly, Ego’s Fly

This kind of links in with number three, but it’s no lie that Bryant’s Ego is probably the size of the Cowboys stadium. This isn’t a bad thing for a receiver as it’s expected. Especially with such a big name, he’s going to have an ego and he’s going to be confident, it’s part of the game and for the most part as long as he can back up the talk on the field then not many people have a problem with it. The issues start to come in when issues like this arise. The Chip Kelly philosophy is essentially a jigsaw. Everybody fits in where they’re needed. There is no one man who is more important than anyone else and the team isn’t built around one player. It’s built on a system that works with players that want to succeed. In Dallas, it’s a different story. Bryant is evidently their go-to guy and without him, Dallas don’t really seem all that intimidating..hence why he has been allowed to kick up so much of a fuss whilst the team still chase his signature. Did Kelly even think twice when Jackson started throwing tantrums or when he slammed the hammer down on LeSean McCoy? Two huge stars, arguably the most prominent in the last five years, gone. In a flash. Jeremy Maclin was no different either. Bryant’s ego is too big for the Linc.

1. You need me man I don’t need you

To quote everyone’s favourite British ginger, Bryant would need the money, we don’t need Bryant. If you went in to your day job and saw some arrogant accountant sat in your chair with his feet on the desk, bragging about his hot wife and seven Ferrari’s you’d probably throw a cup of coffee over him. The Eagles have established a very intimidating receiving core and simply don’t need the drama Bryant brings. The work ethic of the Eagles is very, very different to what Bryant is used to. Sparks would fly and reps would be taken from both Matthews and Agholor. Two names Eagles fans can’t wait to see in action this season. If Bryant came into this team and was not the designated number one receiver, he would go nuts. Kelly didn’t get his man Marcus Mariota, if he had traded Bradford to the Titans, the same situation would arise. Players would fear for their long term security. This is the one system in the league where chemistry is everything. In this unit, I feel that Bryant would unsettle the current receivers. It would also see someone like Josh Huff or Miles Austin get cut, a move that would lose a lot of players’ trust in Chip Kelly.

What do you guys think? Could Dez Bryant become an Eagle? Would you like to see him as an Eagle? Let us know! @PhiladelphiaSN

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