Top Five Takeaways: Colts Vs Eagles

We all know that the Eagles stormed to a huge 36-10 victory over the Colts on Sunday to mark the start of the Philadelphia Eagles pre-season, but here are the top five things to take away from the emphatic win.

5: Sanchez needs to do more

Mark Sanchez had a very disappointing game. Well, we use the term game lightly. He did end with a touchdown pass, but going two for seven and 52 yards isn’t great. The majority of his passes were way overthrown, seeing him get switched out for a much more composed Matt Barkley early on. Whilst Barkley wasn’t MVP worthy and his old habits are still present, his numbers were far more impressive than the Eagles backup. If Tim Tebow then comes in and puts up better numbers once again..then it may spell trouble for Sanchez, especially if the trend continues deep into pre-season. There is an open Quarterback competition in Philly, and we’re starting to see that the competition may not be for starter after all..but for the second QB on the roster.

4: Our defense means business

The Defense looked absolutely solid on Sunday. This is a defense who faced the Colts without Kiko Alonso, without DeMeco Ryans and without Mychal Kendricks. From Bryan Braman taking us to Suplex City to a surprisingly good performance from Emmanuel Acho who was able to contain the explosive Dorsett for most of his minutes, the Eagles looked stacked. For a league that demands depth and a team that on the outside looks low on it..we looked dominant. Byron Maxwell had a great game as Walter Thurmond impressed in his new role. This is a unit to be proud of and to be excited about as the team play the Ravens on Sunday.

3: Running Back to the future

With DeMarco Murray missing the game, a few fans were sceptical about how our new backfield would perform. The answer was simple. Brilliantly. Kenjon Barner exploded with a 92 yard punt return touchdown and a rushing TD of his own, whilst Matthews looked great punching through holes. Barner looked especially impressive due to his style of play. Being an Oregon product, he knows how to succeed in Chip’s Offense and it showed. Ryan Matthews was replicating the same style but with a much tougher approach. If this backfield is causing problems now..just wait until DeMarco returns.

2: Receiving Core is lit

There is simply no other way of putting it. Nelson Agholor had a huge game, bursting into speed down the sidelines to score a touchdown whilst Jordan Matthews was able to bring down balls in double coverage and pick up some huge yards. He may have only been on the field for a small amount of time, but the second year projected breakout star had a play that sparked the teams first touchdown and showed signs that he could be headed for a 1,000 yard season. Miles Austin also looked impressive by helping Matt Barkley advance his team down the field and making some impressive catches. Overall..this receiving core is going to tear apart any Defense it comes across..and I can’t wait to see it.

1: The bigger picture

The Pre-season is often a time to rotate and see what works best in a team. With the spotlight removed from Sam Bradford, we were able to see how the team operates under three different Quarterbacks and how the Defense works without Alonso or their defensive mufassa. Not only that but without Brandon Boykin, Trent Cole, Bradley Fletcher etc. It was very much a trial for the Eagles, and they passed with flying colours. This team looks more fired up than ever, more dangerous than ever and more complete. There don’t appear to be any weak links. Eric Tomlinson for isntance; a name not many expected to see in pre-season, excelled. Miles Austin did very well, Barner exploded. This is a team filled to the brim with talent. In Chip Kelly’s first year with total reigns over the control of the team..he may have just created the most dangerous team in the NFL.