Who is the Eagles Training Camp MVP?

With only one day left of training camp before the first game of the Pre-Season, I thought it was time to take a look at everyone’s performances as a whole and see who really shone. There have been some big stories this off-season and some big surprises at the NovaCare, both good and bad. But there has only been one man consistent enough in my eyes to win the training camp MVP accolade.

That man is second year wide receiver Jordan Matthews. Before Training Camp even started, teammates were saying that Matthews looks bigger. He’d put in a lot of work in the off-season, and it evidently paid off. Sam Bradford has said that he’s never seen someone catch as many footballs as the Vanderbilt product.

It’s not just his consistently impressive camp performances though, it’s his work ethic. How many players stay behind after a gruelling day of practice to do this?

We’re talking about practice man..

But in terms of his camp performances, he has been nothing short of outstanding. Day after day it’s the same. Over the shoulder catches to beat Byron Maxwell, route running to challenge the best and the ability to leap up and make a catch due to his 6″3 build.

Matthews, who caught 8 TDs in his rookie season, has made at LEAST one major play every day.  Sure he has a 4.46 40 yard dash time and a higher vertical leap than Sammy Watkins, but it’s his sheer tenacity that sets him apart. It’s the drive he comes into camp with everyday to make every play great.

So why does he stand out in comparison to the likes of Agholor and Huff?

Jack of all Quarterbacks

It doesn’t matter if it’s Sam Bradford or Tim Tebow. Matthews is making plays with everyone. Whilst his chemistry with Bradford is great to see, it’s the ability to make the same catches regardless of who’s throwing the ball which has made him stand out. He hasn’t had a bad day all camp..every day he just gets better and that kind of versatility only benefits him.

No errors

Guys like Nelson Agholor especially have had numerous easy drops this camp. It’s hard to think of a time Matthews has actually dropped a pass. His ball control is unreal.

Core Strength

Matthews has a very intimidating build, making him an absolute weapon in the slot. He’s closer to a tight-end build than a wide receiver. Meaning it’s rare for Cornerbacks to completely shut him down or swat a ball away. His physicality certainly benefits his game.

Byron Maxwell is touted to completely revitalise this Eagles Defense, yet Jordan Matthews has given him grief every day. The accuracy of Bradford plays into the hands of the young receiver but it’s his athleticism and vision that becomes a headache for corners. Too many times has he faded into the end zone to leap up and fall down with a ball. It’s like something out of a video game, every catch looks so simple yet beautiful. If the ball is going his way, he’s caught it. There is no worry of an incompletion. That’s a VERY rare quality to find in training camp where there are so many variables on each play.

Matthews has turned heads EVERY session of Training Camp so far. There hasn’t been a day where an emphatic catch hasn’t been reported on, or a day where people have said he looked a little quieter. Every day he’s bigger, every day he’s better. If you’re still sleeping on Jordan Matthews..wake up..quick.