Kiko Alonso suffers concussion, Murray absent

So far, the Eagles practice has seen very little in the way of controversy. That all changed on Thursday when for the second time DeMarco Murray missed practice with an unspecified illness. If that wasn’t bad enough, news emerged of newly acquired fan favourite Kiko Alonso suffering a concussion. Jef Mclane of the Philadelphia Inquirer broke the news with many speculating when the injury occurred.

With a lot of people still confused as to when the injury happened, we think it was on a tackle made during the Tuesday practice, with reporters claiming they could hear the clash between Alonso and another from quite a distance.

Whilst no update on the severity of the issue, there isn’t much for Eagles fans to worry about. Tony Romo took Monday off due to conditioning his back and it seems that veterans are taking lighter training workloads to ensure they are 100% fit for the regular season.