Five reasons why Nelson Agholor is a future franchise player

Looking back, last years first round pick wasn’t exactly a great choice for the Philadelphia Eagles. Outside linebacker Marcus Smith played just 77 snaps and didn’t register a single sack. But this year, the draft was very kind to the Birds, in fact that may be a huge understatement. Here’s five reasons why this years first round pick, Nelson Agholor could well become the face of the franchise in the future.

5: A love for the city

What makes a franchise player extra special? What gives them that fire, that burning desire to lift a lombardi trophy? What separates a player like that from one who cares about only his paychecks or individual performance? The answer? A genuine love for the city, the culture and the people in it. If you look at people like Drew Brees, it’s easy to see why he’s held so high in the public eye. He has such a genuine personality, always out doing community work and talks highly of his city. Some players fly in for training or on weekends whilst remaining situated in other cities, others live and breathe the city they play in. Nelson shares those same qualities and has spoken nothing but gold about Philly since his arrival and even before he touched down in the city of brotherly love. The man wants to win. He wants his city to win..and in return, will win the hearts of the fans.ca3c24f8896309ae68ab1ad25aea7e72

4: The Numbers

Agholor played three seasons at USC, catching 178 passes for 2,572 yards, scoring 20 touchdowns. The majority of his highlight reel plays came during his final season, as he compiled 1,313 yards and over 50% of his USC touchdowns on 104 receptions. Explosive is the word used to describe the 6″, 198 pound Wide Receiver. With the Eagles lacking real pace last year, having to rely on Cooper or J-Mac as opposed to Jackson the year before, it appears that a much more lethal weapon has been added to the arsenal. He ran the 40 yard dash in 4.42 seconds and under the Chip Kelly regime should flourish.

3: A new Strategy

Last year saw the partnership of Sanchez and Matthews from their time spent in red shirts earlier in the year when Foles was at the helm. It was risky and quite often meant that silly mistakes were made when there were much better options to throw to. With someone so versatile on the roster and the closest the team have come to replacing the skillset of DeSean Jackson, The Eagles should be aggressive in their attempts to get the ball in the hands of their rookie wide receiver.

One of Agholor‘s most impressive traits is his ability to run routes so precisely. Using his eccentric cutting ability and aggression to explode through his breaks, coupled with his outstanding balance means he will take full advantage of even the smallest mistakes from defenders attempting to cover him.cc96f63add285c7bee6ba079f15fc835

His combination of quickness and strength will be nothing short of problematic for some of the most experienced backs in the league off the bat and he’s only going to improve over time. The more experience he picks up, the more dangerous he will become and the more exciting he will be to watch..expect an Odell kind of season for this young man.

2:Work Ethic

Work ethic is a HUGE part of being an NFL Player. You either have it, or you don’t. It’s the difference between being Tom Brady and Johnny Manziel. Nelson has already shown his true colours by taking a taxi to arrive to OTA’s EARLIER than any other teammate! Yep, the first round pick makes sure he has a first in, last out mentality. It’s something he prides himself on and in a playing style so diverse, it’s needed. If you put that much effort and work into a team like this, you’re going to succeed. If you show the fans and people that you bleed green day in and day out, you’re going to go down in history.

1:Connecting the dots

You have a Quarterback who’s best trait is sending the ball down the field and a receiver who would give the fastest running backs a close finish in a’s a formula for success. The St Louis Rams never had the receiving core to get the best out of Bradford as he was often constrained with his arm due to slow receivers and a completely different playbook. The Kelly way and a receiver who can get deep for the new leader will be vital for the Eagles this year, meaning the team can get the most out of both positions and take some pressure off of Celek & Ertz.

Add in all of what we’ve said above and you not only have a solid Receiver out of the box, but a player who strives to improve day in and day out. Kelly has been quoted as saying productivity over progression..with Agholor, he gets both. Agholor, with the right environment will develop into one of the best receivers in the NFL. Period. He has all of the traits, the right attitude, a love for the team, respect from his teammates and respect for and from his coach. This kid is going to go large, but will he be a future franchise player? There’s only one way to find out..

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