Starstruck- Dallas 2-1 Philadelphia

Steve Mason had the game of his life last night at the Wells Fargo..well, he seems to be doing that a lot lately. And once again as Mason outshines everyone else, the rest of the team simply let him down. After the play-off bubble may have been burst over the weekend, the team seemed to lack character..well, all but one man. Steve Mason.

The Dallas Stars may have put the nail in the coffin as the Flyers are now a whopping nine points behind Boston in the wild-card hunt. A hunt which is now rapidly becoming a casual day out.

Despite it being the first time in five games the Flyers scored first, Luke Schenn’s goal was not enough to win the game as Dallas scored a winner with just a few minutes remaining.

You can’t underestimate the collateral damage of the lost weekend in Boston and New Jersey as the Flyers’ season is now down to its final 14 games until they are mathematically eliminated from contention.

The line was solid and actually the Flyers dominated most of the game, so many chances were conceived, especially in the second period. But it just seemed like whatever the Flyers did, the stars could do better. There were obvious signs of frustration in the Flyers camp as Voracek smashed his stick. Is this all she wrote? Or is there another chapter?