WATCH: Rob McElhenney joined by Chase Utley and Bryce Harper for iconic Phillies’ first pitch in London


The second game between the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets is officially underway in London, but the first pitch might go down as one of the most iconic of all time.

It was revealed in the days before the game that star of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, Rob McElhenney would be throwing the first pitch. What we didn’t know is that he’d be throwing it to Chase Utley of all people.

The Iconic ‘It’s Always Sunny’ episode where Mac (Rob’s character) sends a love letter to the Phillies’ legend is one of the most famous in the show’s eclectic history. Before the pitch was thrown, a video package was shown that shows Chase Utley finding out that Rob had been sending similar letters to…Bryce Harper! He was annoyed at Rob’s betrayal and asked him to choose.

A few moments later, Rob headed out to the mound and was joined by co-star Kaitlin Olson. Chase Utley then headed out to the plate and was greeted with a roar from the Phillies fans in attendance. As far as ‘lore’ goes, you couldn’t ask for a better first pitch…or could you?

Kaitlyn headed back over to the side of the field and returned with…BRYCE HARPER!

The Trio then headed to the bases and completed one of the most amazing first pitches you’ll ever see!

I captured the whole thing below:

A truly amazing way to kick off game 2, and a real shame that the national broadcasts failed to capture it. Hopefully this video does it justice!