Phillies legends reunite in London: “It’s a special group that we have”


London Stadium was electric on Saturday afternoon as the Phillies and Mets warmed up for their upcoming clash, but you might be surprised to hear that the chorus was largely for a group of individuals who wouldn’t be taking the field today…

Phillies legends reunite in London

They aren’t just any old guys though. Phillies legends descended upon the turf in London to reunite during Philadelphia’s batting practice. Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino and Chooch ALL on the same patch of turf and laughing like it’s 2008. What a truly remarkable scene.

I caught up with both Chase Utley and Cole hamels after he spent some time with his beloved former teammates. He told me how special this event was, saying ‘5 years ago, you wouldn’t have thought this would be possible. It’s near and dear to mine and Coles’ heart.’

Utley is now the MLB’s international ambassador and has become a key figure for Baseball fans in the UK, often frequenting events and Philly themed bars like Passyunk Avenue, taking time out of his day to talk to Phillies and baseball fans alike.

When reflecting on that fabled 2008 team, Utley told me what makes it so special:

“We all have our own situations but what’s nice about it is that even if we don’t see each other for a year, once we get in the same room, it feels like old times”


Cole Hamels shared that same sentiment by saying “We will make some sacrifices to go and see each other. It’s a special group that we have.”

The ‘WFC’ team will live on forever, and it’s truly amazing to see so many of those guys all in the same place for such a special occasion.