Exclusive Interview: Eagles WR Parris Campbell steals the show at LEGOLAND New York

PHILADELPHIA, PA – DECEMBER 22: Philadelphia Eagles helmet sits on a cart during the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagle on December 22, 2019, at Lincoln Financial Filed in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire)

When the Philadelphia Eagles signed Parris Campbell to a one-year deal in March, it was the culmination of a five-year infatuation. He had been very high on team owner Jeffrey Lurie’s draft board in 2019, a guy the franchise passed on in the second round that year despite the Eagles labeling him as a “red-star player.” All wrongs have now been righted and the Eagles and Campbell are finally together.

Campbell will be a leading candidate to win the Eagles’ starting slot job when training camp opens in July. He’ll be looking to earn instant approval from the sometimes fickle fan base while upgrading a dormant position in what everyone hopes is a high-octane offense. His ties to Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni — remember, coach and receiver were together for two seasons in Indianapolis — were admittedly a big selling point this offseason.

“It is very exciting to be reconnecting with Nick and he was a huge factor in me signing with Philadelphia just because of the familiarity and me being comfortable with him as a coach,” Campbell told Philly Sports Network.

He continued by saying, “I know how he works and how he operates so it was an easy coach and I look forward to working together with him again. Yes, he is as competitive as he seems. He’s very competitive but extremely passionate as a coach, meaning he cares about players, making us better, succeeding at what we want to succeed in. But he also cares a lot about winning, so wants to do what it takes to win and drive us to all do our best.”

The new Eagles wideout granted an exclusive interview to Philly Sports Network last week where Campbell dished on a variety of important topics, none bigger than his off-the-field work with LEGOLAND New York. The whimsical theme park, devoted to the iconic plastic building-block toys of everyone’s youth, will host their “Day of Play” on April 26. Campbell, along with new Eagles teammate Brandon Graham, partnered with LEGOLAND to help promote their “Play Time Off Movement.” Why? Well, it all started with a family trip for the Eagles wideout.

“My family and I recently visited LEGOLAND New York to participate in their first-ever “Pros of Play” Day where we competed in a “play-off” against the other families consisting of several challenges set up around the Park,” Campbell said. “There was a challenge on their Fire Academy ride to see who could put the fire out first, which was fun but felt like a bicep workout having to crank the engine! But my son did crush it on the dance-off against a LEGOLAND costume character.

“I’m not sure if we officially ever announced winners, but he stole the show with his Griddy. As someone who plays professionally for a living, it was natural for me to engage in a little friendly competition, but ultimately it was about enjoying some quality time with my family and playing with my kids. But we all had a blast and I want to encourage other families to do the same.”

For those not ready to embark on the almost two-hour trek up the New Jersey Turnpike to LEGOLAND New York, there is a local offshoot called the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Eagles fans are invited to search for a hidden LEGO football within the attraction and scan a QR code for a chance to win prizes in a related promotion running from April 26 through April 29.

“I may play professionally for a living during football season, but the level of competition and intensity that comes with the play on the field is so different from the type of playtime I have with my family,” Campbell said. “Which is why during the off-season, it’s great to get the chance to travel and embrace playtime as a dad away from work and some of those everyday distractions, which is exactly what LEGOLAND New York’s new “Play Time Off” movement is all about.”

5 Burning Questions with Eagles WR Parris Campbell …

1. Philly Sports Network: What have you heard about the Philly fans? Are you planning anything special to introduce yourself, perhaps a touchdown dance or something fun on social media?

Parris Campbell: I’ve heard that the fans are actually insane…but in a good way. More like passionate. They love Philadelphia sports and I’m excited to be a part of such a loyal and passionate fan base. No big announcement planned, but I really just want to be the best version of myself for the Eagles, both the organization and the fans, and hope they get to know me through that. I want to give them something to look forward to on Sundays, be a good player for them and hopefully bring home some wins.

2. Philly Sports Network: What can you tell Eagles fans about Saquon Barkley? He was your former teammate in New York. (Parris spent the 2023 season with the Giants.)

Parris Campbell: He is a dominant and explosive player, he’s a hard worker and he’s going to give everything he has and more to the team, the city and the fans. They should be excited that he is now a Philadelphia Eagle.

3. Philly Sports Network: What are your initial impressions of Jalen Hurts? Has he reached out? If so, when and how?

Parris Campbell: Jalen reached out to me maybe literally five minutes after I agreed to sign with the Eagles. He’s an extremely hard worker and a great guy, really the epitome of what a team leader should be. It comes naturally to him through his energy and aura. He cares about winning, about doing and being better, both himself and the team, and that’s the type of guy you want to be around and especially someone you want in the quarterback position.

4. Philly Sports Network: It should be a heated battle for the slot job between you and DeVante Parker, maybe Britain Covey, so why are you going to win that job? What sets you apart? What makes you confident?

Parris Campbell: I’m just confident in who I am as a player. There’s always going to be competition within the team in every area. It’s the nature of the game and the nature of sports, but I’m confident in what I bring to the team. I know the work that I put in and what makes me my best and it’s a big part of why I am the player that I am. I gravitate towards competition, and it excites me, so it will drive me to be a key part of the team in some capacity for sure.

5. Philly Sports Network: What are your goals for this season? Any specific number of catches, yards, touchdowns?

Parris Campbell: My goals are honestly to win. I want to help this team do that in any way possible. I’m excited to bring another exciting piece of offense, use my speed and help this football team win some games.

Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire