Ex-Eagles Star Chauncey Gardner-Johnson Drops Nuke on ‘Obnoxious’ Philly Fans

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Chauncey Gardner-johnson
GLENDALE, AZ – FEBRUARY 12: Philadelphia Eagles safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson (23) flexes during Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles on February 12, 2023 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ. (Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire)

There is always that one former player that can irrevocably scar a fan base. He just knows how to get under everyone’s skin and loves throwing diesel gas on the burning fire. It’s a role Chauncey Gardner-Johnson has taken to new heights over the last several months as it relates to his departure from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Gardner-Johnson inked a one-year deal worth $6.5 million with the Detroit Lions in free agency. The Eagles made the starting safety an offer — reports estimated the deal was in the $24 million range — but his agency balked and the two sides parted ways. However, Gardner-Johnson just can’t seem to let Philadelphia go. He has criticized the front office and the coaching staff this offseason, with a new barb aimed at Eagles fans.

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson takes a shot at Eagles fans

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson recently called them f****** obnoxious,” then added: “I f****** can’t stand the f******” on a live stream while playing a video game. He clearly has a lot of animosity in his heart for the city he once helped get to the Super Bowl. It seems to be a common theme for CJGJ, who is set to join his third team in two years.

This isn’t Chauncey Gardner-Johnson’s first rodeo

“I don’t think no front office, no matter where I’ve been at, understand the player,” Gardner-Johnson told Kay Adams. “They see hair, lash out, going against players on the field, but it’s like you either got a passion about you or not passion about you. So, I think when you get to a spot, you give it your all, and then they just turn their back on you. I mean, just treat it like a business. I’m just here to do what I gotta do to make my teammates happy and understand that you can’t put your feelings too much into it.”

Eagles chauncey Gardner-johnson
NEW ORLEANS, LA – OCTOBER 31: New Orleans Saints defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (22) following his fumble recovery in the endzone for a touchback during the football game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints at Caesar’s Superdome on October 31, 2021 in New Orleans, LA. (Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire)

Understanding Philadelphia fans is not that difficult

It’s not that complicated to be a hero in the hearts of Philadelphia sports fans. They appreciate accountability and honesty, along with hustle and hard work. Jason Kelce summed it up best in 2021 when he debunked rumors of it being a tough place to play. Here’s his heart-warming quote:

“This city really appreciates accountability, appreciates people being very honest, real, emotionally invested, caring – you know there’s a lot of people that say it’s a hard place to play, I think it’s pretty f****** easy to be honest with you. You just go out there, play hard – you want to be loved in this city as a baseball player? Run to first base and they’re going to f****** love you. I mean that’s what it comes down to.”

Again, not everybody is built for that assignment. Gardner-Johnson seemed to love the environment and culture when things were copacetic. Remember, the 25-year-old safety was very complimentary of the Eagles’ organization after winning the NFC East. Then, after contract negotiations went sideways, all that love was lost. In fact, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson went so far as to say the Lions have a more talented roster than the Eagles do in 2023. Bold take. Time will tell.

“To be honest with you, it’s a little better, but that’s just on me,” Chauncey Gardner-Johnson said of the Lions, via Pro Football Talk. “Everybody can look from the outside looking in, but that’s just on me, from the outside looking in, but this team has talent. This team, we can win the division, possibly win the division.”

Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire