Eagles Roundtable Predictions: Who wins in the battle between NFC East rivals?

Eagles Giants
New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll, left, talks with Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts following an NFL football game, Sunday, Jan. 8, 2023, in Philadelphia. The Eagles won 22-16. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

The Philadelphia Eagles will host the New York Giants on Saturday night for a big divisional round matchup. With emotions running high between both the fanbase and the teams, the nation has been torn between the teams. While many believe the Eagles will be too much for the Giants, others have fallen in love with the Cinderella story that’s developing within the New York franchise.

Here are our round table picks and predictions:

Bryan Cameron

This game has the potential to be one of the more entertaining games of the postseason. What’s better than having a rivalry matchup in a game where the winner moves on to the conference championship?! I believe Jalen Hurts has his moment on Saturday night. 

He wants this too much to not get it and the key thing about Hurts is that his hunger is contagious and has impacted the entire franchise. The Giants will fight back though, I believe they’re a very underrated bunch but the Eagles may just be too much for them to handle.

Eagles win 35-25

Liam Jenkins 

I think this game will be a lot tighter than people expect. The Eagles’ defense has Vikings DNA coursing through its veins and Brian Daboll is savvy enough to exploit that. The Birds have more than enough firepower to come out on top, but I’d expect the G-Men to linger around until late in the 4th quarter. 

As far as player predictions, look for Chauncey Gardner-Johnson to make his presence felt with an INT, and for Boston Scott to further entrench himself in the minds of Giants fans everywhere with another strong day at the office.

Eagles 31-24

Nick Faria

It pains me to say it. But with the Giants being fully healthy for the first time all season they are far more dangerous. It’ll come down to the coaching staff and while I think Nick Sirianni is the right guy for the job, his assistants have shown cracks in the armor now. Saquon was contained last week and if Gannon isn’t careful, he could go off again. 

Giants 31-20

Colin Newby

Every tangible advantage in this matchup belongs to the Eagles. The top seed in the NFC is a better team who’s playing at home, and I believe that will show after a valuable bye week to rest and get healthy. The Giants have one way to victory: forcing turnovers and prioritizing ball possession.

They can’t execute that strategy unless the Eagles shoot themselves in the foot with devastating mistakes. I simply don’t see a 14-3 team doing that in their first playoff game after dominating the NFL for the majority of the regular season. 

Eagles 27, Giants 14

Chris Infante

You know how at those restaurants they label “hot” for certain dishes to warn you about temperature/spicy level and you order it and you’re like “why was this labeled?”

That’s the New York Giants. 

They’ve allowed 359 yards on defense on the road this season. Danny two nickels hasn’t played in front of a full, loud, lovable Philly crowd. 

It will be one of the biggest letdowns of this century if the Eagles drop this game to a division rival, at home, as the number one seed, and as the last number one seed to win the Super Bowl. 

Hurts is locked in. You should be too. 

Eagles win 40-17

Zach Ciavolella

While tonight’s game won’t be the pounding many Eagles fans are hoping for (the Giants are admittedly better than that), they will secure the win with relative ease. Daniel Jones’ first experience with a live Philly crowd will not be a fun one and of course, Boston Scott will continue his dominant touchdown streak against the G-Men. He’s never NOT scored a touchdown against them and has 10 TDs in eight games.

Score: 27-17 Eagles

Ethan Rappleye

I think that the Eagles should be able to fly past the Giants, even if the game is tighter than some Eagles fans would want. Philadelphia has better players at every position, except for running back. 

The Giants have needed to use the running game to open up the rest of their offense and I think the Eagles and their defensive front can shut them down. They may come out slow for about a quarter, but I just have a hard time seeing the Giants being able to stick with this team for all four quarters. 

Eagles 31 Giants 20

AP Photo/Matt Slocum