Three Union homegrown’s called up to USA U-20 camp

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The Philadelphia Union is heating up its preparations for the start of the 2023 season, three of its homegrowns have been called up to represent the USA under 20 side. Jack McGlynn, Quinn Sullivan, and Brandan Craig will be at the US U20 January camp today to help the team prepare for the U20 World Cup.

Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union, Andrew Zwarych

McGlynn, Sullivan, and Craig represent the Union with USYNT

Three of the Union’s most essential depth pieces are also mainstays with the US U20 team. Jack McGlynn has the promise of being a lynchpin for a young US side; Brandan Craig is a captain-to-be who is a centerback that can defend and score a banger; Quinn Sullivan plays as a winger for the US, and was a goal away from winning the Concacaf Championships golden boot last summer.

These three are important players for both club and country. Their time away with the U-20’s will leave the Union a bit thin in their preparations for their 2023 season prep, but as head coach Jim Curtin has said over and over he will not block these players from national team call-ups should they come.

Stars on the World Stage?

Curtin said today in his weekly press availability that these three players will be able to play one-half of their first preseason match today. After that, they will depart and join the US U-20s which is conveniently being held in the same area as the preseason scrimmage! As McGlynn, Sullivan, and Craig get ready to represent the USA, they have the opportunity to become stars for a budding U-20 side.

We saw at last year’s Concacaf championships that Union players are some of the best in the USA’s ranks. Paxten Aaronson was a key example of this. He won the golden boot and the golden ball in the Concacaf Championships and lead the USA to claim a berth in the U-20 World Cup and also helped them make the 2024 Summer Olympics! Sullivan was close to being that star finishing with one less goal, while Craig and McGlynn rotated in and out; could these guys make an impression in this camp that makes them indispensable for this Spring’s World Cup?

four months till the U-20 World Cup

There are only four months until the U-20 World Cup. These types of tournaments are where stars are made. The next big players get discovered and shine during those games. Could we see a Union player be the next big player on the World stage in May?

Only time will tell if McGlynn, Sullivan, or Craig are going to make the team that hopes to lead the USA to glory at the U-20 World Cup. The USA will be using this camp to take a first look at the players who could truly make them a contender. The World Cup draw will come in March, followed by the matches throughout the month of May. Let’s hope a Union player will be a major part of this team’s success in 2023!

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Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union, Andrew Zwarych