Callum Scott humbled after ‘Dancing on my own’ becomes the Phillies’ postseason anthem

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MLB Phillies
Members of the Philadelphia Phillies including Bryce Harper, right, and Kyle Schwarber, second from left, celebrate in the clubhouse after defeating the St. Louis Cardinals to win a National League wild-card baseball playoff series, Saturday, Oct. 8, 2022, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Scott Kane)

Whatever happens in Houston this weekend, I think we can all agree that the Philadelphia Phillies have brought us endless amounts of joy this postseason. The unexpected playoff berth that saw the team reach the World Series for the first time since 2009 in miraculous fashion has been soundtracked by ‘Dancing on my own’ and we’d have it no other way.

Originally sung by Robyn, the Tiesto remix of Callum Scott’s cover has been belted out around the City of Brotherly Love so much so that the song is now back in the charts. Scott recently spoke with Bennett from Audacy’s 96.5 TDY (Philadelphia) about the rising popularity of the song and the spiritual connection he now shares with Philadelphia.

“I see all these videos, just like hundreds of people singing it, it’s just amazing. It makes me want to be over in Philly and just soak up all the atmosphere, and soak up all the energy. It sounds like Philly fans are some of the proudest fans when it comes to their baseball team. I’m gutted that I’m not there celebrating with you all every game that we’ve won, but fingers crossed I’ll be on my way over there soon.”

A fan tweeted Scott shortly after the Phillies were victorious in the NLCS, asking him to perform the song at the World Series. Scott replied excitedly ‘I AM DOWN!’ but unfortunately, that hasn’t come to fruition. However, the legacy of the song lives on.

Garrett Stubbs wore a suit to last night’s game lined with the lyrics of the adopted anthem that was discovered on Garrett’s playlist. While Scott didn’t write the lyrics, his rendition has clearly taken on a life of its own.

It’s what the fans do with it, and it feels like the Phillies fans have taken it and they’ve gone, ‘this is our anthem. This isn’t just the locker room song, you know, for all the guys to sing together. This is like the Phillies anthem.’ I thought I was living my best life touring around the world, and then there’s this moment in Philadelphia…”

While the Phillies couldn’t win last night, you can bet your bottom dollar that if they can somehow win it all in Houston this weekend, this song will be played at deafening volumes and by that point, Callum Scott will have to perform in Philadelphia.

AP Photo/Scott Kane