Flyers buy into Tortorella ahead of training camp

Flyers' Sean Couturier
PHILADELPHIA, PA – JANUARY 11: Philadelphia Flyers Center Sean Couturier (14) reacts to referees after the game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Philadelphia Flyers on January 11, 2020 at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)

In a couple of days, the 2022 Philadelphia Flyers Rookie Camp will begin. As those prospects and camp invites develop, requiring more seasoning on their journey to the NHL, the main roster is already present at the Flyers Training Center.

Following an embarrassing display during the 2021-2022 season, Philadelphia requires the extra attention. Expectations are low for the floundering franchise. Gainfully competing in 2022-2023 begins with early repetitions to jump-start the team. Getting into early hockey shape matters. The upcoming 2022 Philadelphia Flyers Training Camp might be the toughest for the players who make the roster.

“I think everyone’s pushing themselves, whether it’s in the gym or on the ice. The scrimmages are intense. We’re trying to push ourselves, trying to get a jumpstart. Everyone’s here early, buying into this process.”

Sean Couturier; 9/12/2022

Daniel Briere discussed the emphasis on establishing an identity and what that means to a franchise. With John Tortorella, the thesis is ‘accountability.’ All of the players, the staff, and the coaches are buying in ahead of training camp.

“If we can all come back healthy and bond together early and buy into the new systems and coach’s philosophy, we can surprise a lot of people.”

Sean Couturier; 9/12/2022

Hungry to prove critics wrong, the Flyers are preparing to outwork their opponents to a postseason berth.

Most of the same team returns from 2021-2022. Ideally, the roster needs to stay healthy. Would Philadelphia have selected fifth overall at the 2022 NHL Entry Draft if the team remained healthy last season? Not likely.

Injuries are a part of the NHL, and all teams encounter them. Last season, the Flyers were one of the most injured teams on any occasion. A healthier roster would yield a better record. With some critical playmakers returning, judging how the team will perform ahead of the preseason could prove inaccurate. The players are excited to take the ice in 2022-2023, eager to forget one of the worst seasons in Philadelphia hockey history.

“Everyone should be excited. We’re getting players back that we missed a lot last year, and it’s exciting. Every new season is exciting, and when you have such a bad year like we did last year, it adds to it. If you’re not excited, it’s probably not the spot for you.”

Kevin Hayes; 9/12/2022

First, Tortorella has concerns of his own. Success on the ice starts with ownership, management, coaches, and players becoming accountable. Tortorella is the flag-bearer, grabbing the elephant in the room by the tusk.

Accountability is eating crow. Tortorella will be very hard on his players, but he will be the first to go to bat for his roster.

“I think in order to have a successful team, you need to have accountability; whether it’s players holding each other accountable, management holding the players accountable. In this case, I think Torts is going to hold the players that make this team accountable. That’s how you win. You want every single one of your guys, whether it’s your best player or a fourth line guy to be held accountable. I flew in and met with Torts right after he got hired, and we had a good conversation. He said he’s going to be real hard on me this year and it’s exciting, I think the whole team should be excited about it.”

Kevin Hayes; 9/12/2022

And the players do sound excited about a fresh start with Tortorella.

“I met him this summer, right when he got hired. He seems like a great guy off the ice. He’s obviously a pretty intense coach, intense person, but I think he means well; he cares a lot about his players. That’s something that I really appreciate.”

Sean Couturier; 9/12/2022

This hire is a contrasting stroke from the Flyers. Around the NHL, including a stacked Metropolitan Division, Philadelphia is being pushed around. These players are going to be taken to task by Tortorella during the 2022 Philadelphia Flyers Training Camp. The mood set by Tortorella will become an extension of these players once the Flyers host the New Jersey Devils at the Wells Fargo Center on October 13th, 2022.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people who have said he’ll be very hard on you, but he has your back. If you give a good effort, he’ll do everything in his power to get the best out of you. From what I’ve heard from players like Martin St. Louis, Foligno, Cam, Ryan McDonagh, Nasher, and Staalsy, they’ve all played for him and said he’s an unbelievable guy, he holds everyone accountable in a different way, and it’s exciting. If you can’t take getting yelled at or pushed to a certain limit, maybe don’t handle it the right way and fade away from it, it’s going to be a tough road for you.”

Kevin Hayes; 9/12/2022

(Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)