Opinion: Phillies should re-sign Jean Segura

Phillies celebrate around Jean Segura
Philadelphia Phillies’ Jean Segura celebrates with his teammates after hitting a game-winning RBI-single against Miami Marlins pitcher Tommy Nance during the ninth inning of a baseball game, Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Last night’s walk-off win over the Miami Marlins was just another prime example of why the Philadelphia Phillies should re-sign Jean Segura this off-season. The Phillies’ second baseman has proven time and time again that he is capable of coming through in the clutch.

After Marlins’ manager Don Mattingly decided to walk catcher JT Realmuto to get to Jean Segura, Jean took the disrespect he felt and channeled it into his game-winning single to right field. Segura wears his emotions on his sleeve, and his passion for the game of baseball can be felt as you watch him play. Nothing is more Philadelphian than getting caught dropping an F-bomb on your opponent.

Philly Guy

Jean Segura has been good for the Phillies since being traded to town a few off-seasons ago. Segura started as the team’s shortstop, moved to third base for a spell, and settled in as the club’s second baseman.

With Bryson Stott cementing himself as the future at shortstop, Segura has been cementing himself as an excellent compliment at second. While the Stott-Segura combo isn’t as sexy as Rollins-Utley, the duo have shown they enjoy playing with one another, and Stott has mentioned how helpful Jean has been to him this season.

Jean has become a fan favorite on a team with the likes of Bryce Harper, JT Realmuto, Kyle Schwarber, etc. Segura might not be the highest-paid player, the most athletic, or the best defender, but his spot on the team is so important, and his value to this club means more than dollar signs.

The right-hander is far more talented than a 6-7-8 hitter but has had no problem moving down the lineup card for this team. Jean understands his role and plays above it. The Phillies’ second baseman is fun to watch, and his electric arm makes for some memorable plays at second base.

Free Agent Class

With Jean Segura’s contract off the books at the season’s end, many speculate that the Phillies will use some of that money to spend on a big-name player. This year’s shortstop class is set up to be one of the best in a long time. The Phillies haven’t had a star at the position since Jimmy Rollins left, and the team has shown they are willing to spend money in years past.

Who the Phillies could be shopping for

While Segura no longer plays shortstop and the Phillies have Bryson Stott, it might not stop them from going after a big name. Trea Turner (LAD), Dansby Swanson (ATL), and Xander Bogaerts (BOS) are just some of the options the Phillies might have. If they were to add a big name, they could slide Stott to second base, and Jean would move onto another club.

One of Our Own

He’s fit in as a Phillie just fine

I think the Phillies should retain Jean Segura’s services and spend their money elsewhere. Jean’s value to the team on and off the field has been proven this season and the last couple of seasons. The players love him, the fans like him, and he has produced for this team. His six career walkoffs as a Phillie are just a small sample of what he has done since coming to Philly.

His .282/.338/.423/.761 splits in his four seasons with the club have been everything you could have asked for. He has played multiple positions, lasted through three managers, been a positive member of the clubhouse, and the fans have bought in. Segura might not be a perennial All-Star player, but he is a damn good baseball player. It would hurt to see the Phillies move on from a beloved player and one who shows up each day ready to compete.

Jean Segura is trying his hardest to help get the Phillies to the post-season. Jean holds the unfortunate record of most games a current player plays not to make the post-season. Segura deserves to play in October, and he deserves to be a Philly for years to come. We will see if either of those results come to happen in the coming months.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Matt Slocum