Ranking the Top-5 Eagles QB’s of the last 20 years

NFL: FEB 04 Super Bowl LII
MINNEAPOLIS, MN – FEBRUARY 04: Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (9) makes a touchdown catch during Super Bowl LII on February 4, 2018, at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN. (Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire)

The Eagles don’t have another scheduled practice until the end of July, free agency seems to have ended for the club, and barring any unforeseen shocking news, we won’t hear from the team for at least a month.

So while we have some down-time, it’s time to grade out the best Eagles at each position over the last two decades.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been one of the winningest teams in football over the last 20 years with two Super Bowl appearances, one title, and six conference championship appearances. Great players were in Philadelphia for every position, so let’s go through them starting with the QB position.

5. Jeff Garcia

Sorry Liam, Sam Bradford does not make the list. And I won’t put Jalen Hurts on the list because he is the current Eagles starting quarterback.

Garcia was very deserving of this spot here. Joining the team in 2006, Garcia had some pro-bowl seasons with Francisco before becoming a journeyman for the Browns, and Lions.

Boy did the Eagles need him in ’06. After McNabb tore his ACL and the season seemed doomed at 5-6, Garcia went 5-1 as a starter with three wins against a vaunted NFC East on the road. The Eagles won the division thanks to Garcia, and the team ended up winning a playoff game against the New York Giants 23-20.

Garcia only played in eight games for the Eagles, but those eight were a magical run for the Eagles.

4. Michael Vick

I am not as high on the Michael Vick era in Philadelphia as many are. Objectively, Vick was sensational in 2010. After taking over for Kevin Kolb on opening day, Vick ran with his chance and led the Eagles to their first division title since Garcia in 2006. Vick was an MVP candidate in 2010 with 21 TD passes, just 6 picks, and the best year of his career.

What hurts him over the others above him on this list?

After 2010, the Eagles didn’t make the playoffs in the final two years with Vick as the starter, and the team went 10-16 combined in 2011 and 2012. A TD to INT ratio of 30:24 is not good enough to match the contract Vick was given.

Vick’s 2010 season was exciting but it’s arguably not in the top 5 of single-season quarterback years for the Eagles over the last two decades.

3. Carson Wentz

We can all argue how it ended, but Wentz’s 2017 was absurd compared to Vick in 2010. First, Vick went 8-3 as a starter in 2010. Wentz was 11-2 as a starter before tearing his ACL. A 33:7 TD/INT ratio was better than Vick’s as well.

And there’s the nugget that the Eagles don’t have a Super Bowl win unless Wentz plays like the league MVP like he did.

What also helps Wentz on the list is the fact that Vick only made one playoff appearance as the QB.

Wentz, not only had clinched a playoff spot for the Eagles before he went down, but also won the division in 2019.

Wentz will be one of the most controversial athletes in Philadelphia history for how it ended, but noone can deny the Eagles haven’t had a quarterback season like Wentz in 2017. He deserves to be above Vick.

2. Nick Foles

Yes, I can be objective enough to put Foles time in Philadelphia higher than Wentz’s. There are a few reasons to defend it too.

In 2013, after taking over for Vick mid-season, Foles put up an unreal 27:2 TD/INT ratio which was, at the time, an NFL record. The Eagles went 8-2 in Foles starts and the team won the division for the first time since 2010.

Then there’s the fact that Foles came back, and became a Super-Sayan god in 2017 with historically great performances in both the NFC Title Game and Super Bowl. Of course, people questioned if Foles’ run was a fluke.

The problem? It happened AGAIN in 2018. Foles went 3-0 as the starter after Wentz got hurt in 2018 and, AGAIN won a playoff game against Chicago. It’s the last playoff win Philadelphia has won.

While Foles’ career has been below average outside of Philadelphia, there isn’t a quarterback more beloved in the city of Philadelphia than Nick Foles.

1. Donovan McNabb

I mean….duh.

The greatest quarterback in Eagles history. The record holder for almost every single passing statistic. The winningest quarterback in team history.

The Eagles were 3-13 before McNabb walked into the building. He completely turned around the franchise in just two years.

In McNabb’s career in Philadelphia, the team won nine playoff games. Before he had gotten to Philly, the Eagles had won a combined five playoff games since 1960

That’s 40 years. Five playoff wins. McNabb played 11 years in Philadelphia, 10 as a starter, and won nine playoff games.

McNabb’s best season was in 2004 when, with Terrell Owens, he put up the best season for a quarterback at the time in franchise history. Five conference championship appearances are something to celebrate, not take away from.

This isn’t close. Longevity, wins, excellence in all facets. Donovan McNabb is the best quarterback on this list, and is the greatest quarterback in team history.

Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

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