DeVonta Smith and Eagles fans bond over his Celebrity Softball Game’s special location

DeVonta Smith speaks with the media before his Celebrity softball game.

It’s a warm day at Coca-Cola Park but it has nothing to do with the weather. Instead, it’s DeVonta Smith who is responsible for the warm front that’s passing through Lehigh Valley. Fans of the Eagles are very familiar with this place as they use to watch their beloved Eagles practice here until the evil lord Chip Kelly took that away from them.

Well, thank God for DeVonta Smith who brought excitement back to the valley with his Celebrity Softball even featuring a healthy amount of Eagles as well as NFL players from around the league. It led to a huge turnout for the support of the second-year wide receiver as fans turned out with their midnight green 6 jerseys and some throwback Kelly green ones as well.

DeVonta Smith on the support of Philly fans that showed up today: “ I mean one thing I can say about Philly is, I mean, they’re all in. If you are doing the things that you’re supposed to do, they love you. If you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do, they’ll be on you..”

Smith is accepting his new role in what’s been a phenomenal football life from college to the pros. Gone is the shy and quiet weapon as he is taking on a more vocal role around his peers. He mentioned how Brandon Graham mentioned to him about the past training camps that were featured in Lehigh Valley and how this was the “best location” for Smith to feature his event around this time.

For Eagles fans, this could be a sight to see for years to come as Smith mentioned that he would love to have it here every year but it will all depend on the timing of it.