A Look Back at MLS: Highlighting Week 13 of 2022

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Week 13 of MLS play has come and gone! There was plenty of action that is setting the stage for the end of the first third of the 2022 season. Here’s a look back at what went down in week 13 of MLS play!

Week 13
Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union, Andrew Zwarych

Week 13 of 2022

Week 13 showcased some great matches. There were predictable outcomes and upsets. All in all, it was “just another week” in MLS. Here are all the highlights from week 13!

Columbus vs LAFC

Cincinnati vs New England

DC vs Toronto

Nashville vs Atlanta

Montreal vs Salt Lake

Charlotte vs Vancouver

NYCFC vs Chicago

Miami vs New York

Dallas vs Minnesota

San Jose vs Kansas City

Austin vs Orlando

Colorado vs Seattle

Los Angeles vs Houston

Portland vs Philadelphia

Standings after Week 13

Winners in the East: New England, Charlotte, NYCFC, Miami, Philadelphia

Draws in the East: DC, Toronto, Atlanta, Orlando,

Losers in the East: Columbus, Cincinnati, Montreal, Chicago, New York,

Winners in the West: LAFC, Salt Lake, Minnesota, Colorado, Houston,

Draws in the West: Nashville, Kansas City, San Jose, Austin

Losers in the West: Vancouver, Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland

Week 14 starts now

Week 14 begins today, and it will mark the final matches of the Spring. There are some good matchups including Atlantic Cup showdowns and Intraconference battles. Here’s a look at the matches.

Saturday, May 28

  • LAFC vs San Jose
  • Atlanta vs Columbus
  • New York vs DC
  • Toronto vs Chicago
  • Montreal vs Cincinnati
  • New England vs Philadelphia
  • Orlando vs Dallas
  • Miami vs Portland
  • Minnesota vs NYCFC
  • Colorado vs Nashville
  • Kansas City vs Vancouver
  • Salt Lake vs Houston

Sunday, May 29

  • Los Angeles vs Austin
  • Seattle vs Charlotte

Week 14 is the final week before a two-week international break. It also means that after this week there are only 20 matches remaining in the season. Are the teams who are on top going to be able to stay there? Will we see any mid-to-late season surprises? We’ll have to wait to find out!

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Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union, Andrew Zwarych