5 biggest needs for the Eagles after the opening week of free agency

The opening week of free agency was an enthralling one. The Eagles made their splash move on the opening day and have been relatively quiet since then. But what does that mean for their team needs?


The Eagles are still yet to address the CB position this offseason, but at this point, it’s unlikely they’re going to unless a good deal presents itself.

After acquiring two young corners in trades last year, the plan seems to be for the Eagles to start slay on one side, draft a premium name in the first-round and then once Slay departs, move the first-round pick into the CB1 role and see if any of the younger DB’s have taken that next step.

With that said, if someone like Xavier Rhodes wants to reunite with Jonathan Gannon for a third time, it would be hard for the Eagles to say no.


Anthony Harris making his return is significant, but beneath Marcus Epps, depth is questionable at best. The Eagles need long-term stability at the position and the remaining free agents likely aren’t going to provide that. While someone like the Honey Badger would be a dream signing, the Eagles may turn to the NFL draft due to how many safeties are available in the first round.

Even so, the team needs to invest in the position one way or another and a failure to do so would be beyond disappointing.

Defensive end/ Linebacker

I’m putting these both together as I think Haason Reddick fills a little of position A, and a little of position B. Both spots need some veteran leadership, but look a lot less concerning with Reddick in the picture.

LB: TJ Edwards, Davion Taylor, Haason Reddick
DE: Brandon Graham, Josh Sweat, Haason Reddick, Tarron Jackson


It’s all package dependent but as good as Reddick is, he can’t fill both spots at once…just don’t tell him that!

Adding a veteran MIKE would’ve been dreamy and allows Taylor and Reddick to run rampant when partnered together and although there are some nice names available to the team in the Draft, finding a proven name for such a young group to learn from has to be the smarter move here.

Offensive guard

Nate Herbig is making his return in 2022, but with Brandon Brooks retiring, the position is still light. Herbig proved to be both versatile and valuable last year, but the Eagles need more than a one-man army.

When you factor in Jason Kelce’s potential retirement after this season, it’s imperative that the Eagles work out what they’re going to do at center.

If Landon Dickerson is going to be the heir to the throne, then a late-round guard who can learn from Jeff Stoutland for a year is the play. If they want to keep Dickerson at guard, then finding the center makes sense. In any event, adding an extra player or two here won’t hurt.

Defensive tackle

Fletcher Cox is back and that’s great, but his production did dip in 2021 (partly due to Gannon’s scheme). It’s clear that Javon Hargrave is the man the Eagles are going to build the line around for the next few years, and there really isn’t a lot of depth beneath Fletch.

Milton Williams showed plenty of growth in his rookie year and it would be wise for the Eagles to complete a solid four-man rotation, knowing that Fletch could well be in his final season in midnight green.

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