How Much Will Bryan Reynolds Cost for the Phillies?

MLB: SEP 26 Pirates at Phillies
PHILADELPHIA, PA – SEPTEMBER 26: Pittsburgh Pirates left fielder Bryan Reynolds (10) during the Major League Baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Pittsburgh Pirates on September 26,2021 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia,PA. (Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire)

Not unlike Philadelphia Cream Cheese, the Phillies have a shortage – a shortage of competent outfielders. And like the bagel, their enormous hole remains in the center.

While many eligible bachelors remain within the free-agent pool, nothing would be more exciting than bringing in bonafide All-Star and Pittsburgh Pirate Bryan Reynolds.

Now, the Pirates have tremendous leverage. Reynolds is 27-years-old and owed just $4.5MM in 2022. Even if Pittsburgh’s already decided they won’t extend Reynolds with a formal contract, he’s still under team control until 2026.

This won’t be easy by any means, but it’s not impossible, so here’s what it may take to see Reynolds in Red Pinstripes for 2022.

Save the Phillies’ Farm, Sell the Field

Phillies Get: OF Reynolds

Pirates Get: RHP Mick Abel, RHP Ranger Suárez, SS Nick Maton & OF Matt Vierling

This might be fixing one problem and creating another because the Phillies need pitchers.

If you ask Twitter, even Aaron Nola remains a massive question mark, and cutting Suárez loose means the Phillies are comfortable rolling the dice on Zach Eflin’s health and a mystery name behind door number two.

Abel, the Phillies’ #1 ranked prospect by, would also be on the move in this version of the deal. I always say a prospect is a prospect, but this still hurts.

Next, Maton falls on the sword, but I think you can justify this if you believe Johan Camargo can stick. Vierling’s the final casualty here, a more valuable asset than either Adam Haseley or Mickey Moniak.


The Phillies save their farm, and the Pirates feel good about swiping the Phillies’ best prospect while adding a handful of cheap, young pieces to field a respectable 26-man roster for 2022.

Let’s make a deal.

Firesale for the Future

Phillies Get: OF Reynolds

Pirates Get: RHP Abel, SS Bryson Stott, RHP Andrew Painter & 3B Alec Bohm

Prospects are overrated, but the Pirates rejecting this deal is equivalent to a bouncer denying four 21-year-olds at the door because they aren’t 22 (that’s a real thing in New York).

Funny enough, they may be looking for more. The Phillies could offer their three best prospects, the 2020 Rookie of the Year runner-up, and still get heckled.

Abel remains the cornerstone, and quite frankly, I cannot imagine a deal that doesn’t include the 20-year-old. This is the money prospect, the kind of prospect that makes people pull over and say, wow, I need this prospect right now.

"I need this beet right now." Those are the money beets.

The Phillies also lose Stott, who, quite frankly, might be too valuable given the current state of affairs surrounding shortstop. Didi Gregorious isn’t long for Philadelphia, and I’m just not sure how much we know about Maton at this point.

Painter, Philadelphia’s most recent first-rounder, would also be on the move. At just 18-years-old, Pittsburgh might believe they’ve found their one, two punch in Painter and Abel for the second half of this decade.

And then there was Bohm, the veteran of the group. Although he’s less attractive following his 2021 struggles, he’s an immediate everyday player as the Pirates climb their way out of oblivion.


Phillies mortgage future – still worse than Braves and Mets.

Is it worth it?

Yes. If the Phillies can pry Reynolds away from the Pirates, you can look forward to at least three years of him and Bryce Harper paired in the Citizens Bank Park outfield.

Even if left-field ends up a revolving door, Harper and Reynolds combined 2021 WAR nets out to 11.9. Imagine that world, and we can follow up on your precious prospects.

Photo By: Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire