Would a Russell Wilson trade to the Eagles make sense?

NFL: SEP 13 Seahawks at Falcons
ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 13: Russell Wilson (3) of the Seattle Seahawks barks out the signals during the NFL Week 1 game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks on September 13, 2020 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire)

Once again the Philadelphia Eagles are being tied to a specific QB that could be available this offseason. Russell Wilson has been the apple of the Howie Roseman’s eye ever since he first declared for the NFL Draft, but is now the time to logically make a move?

While Jalen Hurts was a very serviceable QB this season, the fact of the matter is that his potential could be too much of an unknown for the Eagles to gamble on. Hurts looked great at times in year 2, but he also looked lost at others.

If the Eagles were to gamble on Hurts and it not pay off then the team would be right where they are now, potentially without the avenue to acquire Russell Wilson. But does that mean they should be overly aggressive now?

The Draft Picks

First and foremost we need to discuss the cost of getting Russell Wilson. Many fans are hellbent on keeping as many picks as possible to help build the defense but when’s the last time that’s the Eagles did that?

Oh yes, I remember. The Derek Barnett draft. How could I forget?

Maybe it’s because that draft didn’t pan out well for the team at all. The Eagles are likely to let Barnett walk this season, while Sidney Jones is playing elsewhere and Rasul Douglas is shining in Green Bay. Mack Hollins, who was also a part of that draft class, is in Miami living his best life as a glorified Special Teams player.

You’ve seen it all before. The team has struggled to consistently hit on draft picks. Has Howie nailed some drafts? Absolutely. But he’s also had more losses than wins in that area.

So why are these picks so valued by Eagles fans? Are you so hurt by what happened with Carson Wentz that you’ve grown an attachment to a possible subpar QB and draft picks that could end up being traded for more picks or even used to draft a couple of busts?

Teams have made incredible picks late in drafts that ended up being franchise cornerstones. Yes, the Eagles have three first-round picks but that doesn’t guarantee anything at all.

The QB

This won’t be an article to talk badly about Jalen Hurts, but Russell Wilson is the better QB right now. The Eagles want to win…and if they think they’re closer than we do, that means they’re a QB away. Russell Wilson is the QB that Philadelphia have hoped all to have played the position there would eventually become.

Landing a player like Russell Wilson could change the landscape of the NFC East for years to come as the Eagles offense would get that much better. Players like DeVonta Smith, Quez Watkins, and even Dallas Goedert would have a much higher ceiling with a QB like Wilson. His ability to throw the deep ball with anticipation and accuracy has led to so many great plays throughout his career. He still has that same zip on his throws now that he had back then, despite a 2021 campaign mired by a key injury.

Russ played with an injured middle finger on his throwing hand. Even after having the surgery and coming back as quickly as he could, Wilson finished the season with some strong statistical numbers. Wilson passed for 3,113 yards with a completion percentage of 64%, 25 touchdowns, and only 6 interceptions. Ironically, the Eagles wouldn’t need him to do more than that for Philly to be a contender.

There’s also a huge advantage that would help both Wilson and the Eagles if they were to be united via trade – The offensive line. Wilson has never had a stout offensive line that would protect him and allow him as much time in the pocket as possible. At 33 years old., Russ would have the best offensive line he has ever had. Jalen Hurts had the most time in the pocket of any QB in the league and the bare minimum with it. Just imagine what a well-seasoned QB could do with that.

The Cost

This is what you all have been afraid of. What would it cost to get Russell Wilson? Would it be three first-round picks like what the Texans are asking for Watson? No. Would it be of significant value? Absolutely.

If I’m Howie Roseman, my offer would be one that the Seahawks couldn’t refuse but also one that wouldn’t hurt me from building my team with youth. I would offer the 15th overall pick, a 2023 First-round pick, Jalen Hurts, and a 2022 Second-round pick. If you need to sweeten the pot then you take away next year’s first and throw in the 19th overall pick from this year’s draft. It’s not as steep of an offer as many want to believe it is. It’s three prospects with the theory that they’ll land one stud, one serviceable player, and probably a bust. The Seahawks would also get Jalen Hurts who could ball out under Pete Carroll for a season or two. Would that trade really bother the average Eagles fan?

Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire